WPUNJ CARES is a comprehensive program designed by and for our University staff to support student success by providing consistent, accurate, and timely service to prospective and current students, parents, and colleagues.  Staff members from diverse departments participate in a highly interactive training session where they learn, share, and apply best practices in service professionalism.  They are also provided with useful resources, such as an on-line index to University programs and services that aides in providing answers to services offered in other departments including contact numbers.  With this information, staff can ensure that they are providing students with accurate information about where and from whom they can receive the help they need. Specific guidelines and expectations are addressed as well as role play.  Trainers emphasize an attitude of professionalism, personal responsibilities, and sincere helpfulness in all interactions.


The acronym CARES refers to the key aspects of professionalism in service:

  • Comprehension
  • Attitude
  • Relationship
  • Effort, and
  • Skills


Index to Selected Programs and Services

Fall 2013 Schedule