Essential Employees (Bargaining Unit Employees)

It is the responsibility of the University to ensure that all conditions in the buildings and on campus grounds are safe, that medical services are provided, and any other required services performed by University employees are available when there is weather or other emergency condition.

For this reason employees serving in the following area/title, and their supervisors, are considered essential when weather or other emergency conditions exist.  These employees are expected to work as scheduled, unless notified otherwise by their supervisor.  Essential employees may be required to report to work in instances where the Governor declares a state of emergency which closes roadways to public travel.

Asst Super  1

Lieutenant – Campus Police

Asst Head Grounds Worker


Assistant House Keeper Super 1  

Mason & Plaster

Assistant House Keeper Super 2  

Mechanic, Non-Auto

Automotive Mechanic

Operating  Engineer Heat & Air Con

Campus Police Officer

Operating Engineer I

Campus Police Officer Recruit



Plumber & Steam Fitter

Chief Operating Engineer 1

Principal Clerk Typist*

Chief Operating Engineer 2

Principal Mail Clerk

Clerk Typist*

Professional Services Spec 1, AS*

Communications Operator

Professional Services Spec 3, AS*

Crew Super Bldg. Maint Worker

Professional Services Spec 4, AS*

Crew Super Carpenters

Professional Services Spec 3, CS*

Crew Super Electricians

Program Assistant Admin Services*

Crew Super Painters


Crew Super Plumber & Steam

Security Officer

Crew Super Mechanics

Senior Bldg. Maintenance Worker

Customer Service Rep 3*

Senior Clerk Typist*


Senior Mail Clerk

Equipment Operator

Senior Repairer

Grounds Worker

Senior Stock Clerk

Heavy Equipment Operator

Sergeant – Campus Police


Staff Nurse, 12 months

Housekeeping Super 1

Storekeeper 2

Housekeeping Super 3

Supervisor of Fac, Repairs & Operations

Landscape Technician

Super of Institutional Grounds

*Applies to job titles within Facilities, Maintenance, Mailroom, Storeroom, Telecommunications, Health & Counseling and Campus Police only.

Valid through October 31, 2014

There may be instances where some employees designated as essential may not be required to remain at work based on the nature of the emergency that exists. The supervisor will determine who shall remain at work.

Conversely, there may be circumstances when employees not listed in the titles provided are considered essential for a particular emergency.  Supervisors in those areas will need to notify employees in advance, if possible, that their job will be essential during a specific work day condition.

All employees should provide the department with their current home telephone number. Employees who are unable to be reached by telephone must contact their department for instructions as to whether they should report to work.

Employees designated as essential who report out sick, during a period designated as an emergency condition, will be required to submit appropriate medical certification for the day (dates) in question.  Lack of medical certification may result in the absence being coded as leave without pay.  The employee may also be subject to disciplinary action. 

In instances of an early closing due to emergency conditions, essential employees are not to leave work prior to the end of their shift, unless notified by their supervisor. Essential employees required to remain at work when there is an early closing, or required to report to work when the University is closed, will be paid at their normal rate of pay during their regular work shift or at emergency rates** thereafter in accordance with the applicable negotiated agreement.


** Or overtime rate whichever is higher