Supplemental Disability and AD&D Insurance

N.J. Public Officials' & Public Employees' Accident/Health Insurance Plan

This plan has been in operation since 1946 when the State of New Jersey passed the law enabling public employees to participate in a voluntary plan of accident and sickness disability insurance through payroll deduction of premiums. It provides essential income replacement of insured employees, in addition to accumulated sick leave or other disability insurance.

In 1980, the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law was amended to afford State employees disability benefits after the exhaustion of all accumulated sick leave. This new benefit has created the need for a supplemental type of disability policy which, when combined with Temporary Disability Benefits or Social Security Disability Benefits, will provide adequate income replacement.

To meet this need, a new plan was developed which offers substantially higher limits of Monthly Benefit. Also available are expanded Hospital Indemnity Benefits and high limit, low cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits.

Employees under age 60 may apply subject to acceptance by the insurance company. Presently insured employees under age 60 may apply for additional coverage subject to company acceptance.

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