Commuter Tax$ave Program

The New Jersey State Employees Commuter Tax Savings program allows eligible full-time employees to set aside before-tax dollars to pay for certain mass transit and commuter parking expenses, thereby avoiding federal taxes and saving money. 


The Commuter Tax$ave Program allows an employee to opt in and out or change amounts on a monthly basis.  Eligible employees may enroll in the program or end participation at any time during the year and may change deductions as often as they like during the year.  Once an employee has enrolled, the employee remains enrolled for all subsequent months at the same level of participation until the employee makes a change to the deduction amounts or elects to end participation. 

Eligible employee must contact TransitCenter directly.  Enrollment can be done through an Integrated Voice Response Unit by calling 1-866-823-3248, or over the Internet at:

Once TransitCenter confirms your eligibility in the program, they will contact the Payroll & Benefits Office to begin payroll deductions. 

 TransitCenter will then process tickets, payment cards, or vouchers and mail them directly to the employee.  The total time required for processing before the benefit begins is approximately 45 days. 

“Use It or Lose It” Provision – Employee elections are irrevocable and, to avoid forfeiting benefit dollars, employees should carefully consider how much they want to set aside to cover their commuting expenses.  The State is prohibited under federal tax regulations from processing refunds to employees who fail to fully utilize the benefit in a timely manner.

For more detailed information and the schedule for enrollments/changes during the year, please see Fact Sheet #67 Commuter Tax$ave Program at:

If you have any questions, contact Ingrid Montoya in the Payroll and Employee Benefits Office at ext. 2124 or TransitCenter Inc. at 1-877-440-4407.