Outside Activities Policy

University employees should not undertake any employment or service, whether compensated or not, which might reasonably be expected to impair their objectivity and independence of judgment in the exercise of their official duties.

An employee’s participation in any service, activity or employment that is outside his/her official University duties may be prohibited by the Conflicts Law, other State or Federal law or regulation, or William Paterson University’s Institutional Code of Ethics. Accordingly, employees must obtain the approval of the Ethics Liaison Officer (ELO) prior to engaging in any of the following outside activities:

  1. Commencement of any business, trade, profession or other compensated employment, including the acceptance of compensation for a speech or published work;
  2. Uncompensated or volunteer work for or with any entity; or
  3. Holding office or title in the governing or advisory board of any entity.

Prior to engaging in any new employment or outside activity, employees must obtain approval from the ELO by submitting a completed Outside Activities Questionnaire to the Ethics Liaison Officer. The Outside Activities Questionnaire must be completed and approved by the ELO prior to engaging in such employment or activity and must be updated and approved annually, or as necessary whenever there is a change in outside activities or employment.

The University’s ELO shall review all Outside Activities Questionnaires and determine whether the outside activity is permissible in accordance with the Conflicts Law, the State of New Jersey Uniform Ethics Code, and the University’s Institutional Code of Ethics. Consistent with the Uniform Ethics Code, the University shall require disclosure of additional information regarding the outside activities of its employees as necessary to address the needs of the University.

An employee may appeal the ELO’s decision to disapprove an outside activity. Such appeal shall be submitted in writing to the State Ethics Commission within 60 days of the employee’s receipt of the ELO’s decision. The appeal shall cite the relevant section(s) of the Conflicts Law, Uniform Ethics Code, WPU’s Institutional Code of Ethics or other authority which supports the position of the employee that such outside activity should be permitted.


Rev. 11/13/08