Promotional Process for 'Career Service' Employees

A ranked listing of our employees who have taken and passed the State promotional examination for a particular title, is provided to the Office of Human Resources for use when such titles become available at the University.  This promotional list contains only the names of William Paterson University employees.  

Career Service promotional opportunities, when available, are filled by following the process dictated by the NJ Civil Service Commission.  Each action listed below must be followed and completed prior to moving on to the next step.  

Employees appearing on an active promotional list are notified of the opportunity.  Those expressing interest are subject to an interview process, and the selected candidate is promoted in a permanent status upon the successful completion of the Working Test Period.  

In instances where no active promotional list exists, the Office of Human Resources solicits employees in eligible titles.  Those expressing interest are subject to an interview process. The candidate selected is promoted in a provisional status and will be subject to the NJ Civil Service Commission examination process.