Advisory Board

The purpose of the Student Center Advisory Board is to recommend policy changes in all matters relating to the successful operation of the Student Center. This includes programming, facility use, scheduling, alterations, hours of operation, services offered, room assignments and office assignments. The Advisory Board meets approx. 4 times/year, but, can meet more often as needed. Agenda suggestions should be referred to the SGA Executive Vice President or the Director of Hospitality Services.

The Student Center Advisory Board is made up of 10 community members, 5 students, 3 administrators and 1 faculty member and a Chair. The Advisory Board is chaired by SGA Executive Vice President. The students are appointed by the SGA president and/or his/her designee.


Tony Cavotto (Director, Hospitality Services/University Commons) 
Manny Kohli (Associate Director, Hospitality Services/University Commons)
Jeff Wakemen (Director, Campus Activities)