Management Track  

 2014 Honors Marketing/Management Students

The Management Honors Track provides a more in-depth study of the science of Management as part of the B.S. in Business Administration. Honors students will have a unique opportunity to interact with professors in an intensive manner, and to engage in serious writing on their favorite issues in a more comprehensive and professional manner that the regular curriculum allows. As with the other Tracks of the University Honors Program, the Management Honors Track functions like a minor, offering a distinctive set of courses that adds breadth to and reinforces the major. While topics will be anchored in the world of business, they will have discussions rooted in theoretical traditions from a variety of social sciences (in particular economics, sociology anthropology, and history).

Students in the Management Track will take Honors sections of fundamental courses in the College of Business, which include sophisticated projects in Management and other topics. Students will then enroll in an Honors research methods seminar, and then a thesis course. All students in the Management Honors Track will produce a final thesis or project under the guidance of a faculty member. 


The Track is Ideal For:

  • Open to students in the Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business
  • Helpful to students seeking careers in law, management consulting, technology industries, and those who plan to apply to a quality MBA program
  • Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher



*Track courses are usually taken in numerical sequence but, with the permission of the Track Director, students may modify the order in which they take the courses.

Click here to see the list of required classes.

Principles of Management (Special Honors Section of MGT 2000)

This course introduces the basic principles, policies, problems, and successful methods of business organization and management. It emphasizes the need for managers to learn how to develop the ability to analyze, plan, coordinate, and control the varied activities of an organization. It also examines social responsibility and environmental factors affecting business policy and operation.

        Prerequisite: Admission to the Management Honors Track

Principles of Marketing (Special Honors Section of MKT 2100)

This course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of marketing, including, but not limited to marketing strategy, marketing mix, pricing, distribution, selling, promotional activities, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Major emphasis is on techniques for solving business problems, the development of marketing policies, and the sale of consumer and industrial products. Various marketing decisions are examined with respect to product planning, channels of distribution, promotion activity, selling and sales management, pricing, and international marketing.

Prerequisite: Admission to the Management Honors Track

Business Strategy and Policy (Special Honors Section of MGT 4600)

This course concerns strategic management and strategic planning. You will utilize knowledge from past courses to examine real corporations from varied perspectives in order to diagnose strategic problems.

Prerequisite: Admission to the Management Honors Track

Honors Thesis I (Management Honors 4010)

This course represents the first part of a 6-credit Honors Thesis, which must be conducted over two semesters and undertaken in the junior or senior year. It will be applied toward major concentration requirements.

MGT 4010 comprises pedagogy relating to business research in Management. The student will cover topics relating to research methodology, theory building, a refresher on relevant analytic techniques, and proposal writing. They will also learn to review and critique professional writing. The goal of MGT 4010 is to help Honors students develop critical thinking and analytical capabilities that will help them execute an intensive and original research project in the subsequent semester.  

Students will choose a suitable topic for their Honors Thesis in MGT 4010. They will be required to develop a research proposal that identifies the basic research question, includes a sufficient literature review, and provides a detailed plan of research including timelines for completion. The Honors Thesis will be supervised by an academic mentor chosen from the full time faculty of the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences.

Prerequisites: MGT 2000, MKT 2100-Honors, and MGT 4600-Honors, or permission of the Track Director  

Honors Thesis II (Management Honors 4020)

This course represents the second part of a 6-credit Honors Thesis, which must be conducted over two semesters and undertaken in the junior or senior year. It will be a core component of the Honors Track in Management. Honors Thesis credits will be applied towards major concentration requirements.

MGT 4020 involves the actual conduct of research by a student, following up from a proposal made by the student in MGT 4010. Students fine tune and pretest their data collection instruments, collect relevant data, analyze it using qualitative/quantitative techniques, and write up their results in a paper that uses theory from Management and relevant disciplines in organizational studies and social sciences.

The goal of MGT 4020 is to help Honors Students learn to execute and present research, and practice their critical thinking skills and analytical capabilities that they were exposed to in MGT 4010. The empirical study to be conducted in MGT 4020 will be supervised by an academic mentor chosen from the full time faculty of the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences.

Prerequisites: MGT 4010 or permission of the Track Director 

What projects have students completed in the past?

Students in the Management Track have produced theses with the following titles:

Thesis Title

Student Name


The Impact of Education, Attitude Toward Family, and Value of Collectivism/Individualism on CEO Management Styles in the United States and Japan


Christopher Polakowski



The Inevitable Switch from US GAAP to IFRS


Lisa Porter



The Impact of Greek Life Involvement on College Leadership Aptitude


Nathan Pryce



Factors Affecting Student Performance


Giuseppe Roveccio



The Role that Management Plays in Sustaining Firm Innovation: A Study on the Relationship between Management Techniques and Style with regard to R & D and Innovation in the Biotechnology Industry


Brian Schiess



Capturing the Attention of HR Managers with High Impact Resumes


Hanifah Wilson



Management Styles of Female Entrepreneurs in the Financial Planning Industry


Kelly-Ann Tacore



Financial Implication of a Diversified Energy Portfolio


Christopher Kalwa



How do I enroll?

To enroll in the Management Honors Track, contact the Director, Dr. Bela Florenthal, at (973) 720-3679 or at You could also contact Jan Pinkston at or at (973) 720-3776. A completed track application must also be submitted to the Honors College. 


About the Track Director:

Dr. Florenthal holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from Smeal College of Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University, PA, and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Her research interests include E-tailing/retailing and social media in retailing, the impact of cultural differences on shopping behavior, and the impact of green (eco-friendly) marketing on consumer behavior.