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Honors College Tracks

There are currently eleven Honors tracks. Each track is directed by a faculty member who determines the appropriate courses for the track, admits students, and guides the students through the track and thesis project.

Students must enter an Honors track by their junior year in order to be in good standing in the Honors College. Most tracks are comprised of five courses, including courses for the thesis research and writing. Ideally, students will begin their work in the track during their sophomore year and complete the thesis before their last semester at the University.

The Honors College requires all students to pursue a disciplinary major and an Honors track. The track may parallel the major, relate to the major, or be very different from the major. Different tracks have different requirements, and students are encouraged to speak with the track directors before applying to a track. Students enrolled in an Honors track may count track classes toward a second major or a minor. 

Track Directors

Track Directors run individual tracks, mentor many of the Honors students, and help determine the College's curriculum requirements and oversee its mission. 

Dr. Robert Benno, Biopsychology 

Dr. Amy Learmonth, Cognitive Science 

Dr. John Peterman, Humanities

Dr. Susan Dinan, Independent 

Dr. Karen Swanson, Life Science and Environmental Ethics 

Dr. Bela Florenthal, Management 

Dr. Bela FLorenthal, Marketing 

Dr. Bruce Diamond, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

Dr. Jeffery Kresky, Music 

Dr. Christina McSherry, Nursing 

Dr. Philip Cioffari, Performing and Literary Arts 

Dr. Niel Kressel, Social Sciences