Student Printing @ WPUNJ

In an effort to create a greener, more environmentally friendly campus and to reduce printing costs to the University, Information Technology and the Cheng Library have worked together to unify printing policies.

All WPUNJ student accounts will be given a set quota of free pages (double-sided) per academic year (Fall, Spring & Summer). The counter will reset at the beginning of each year and there will be no carryover.

Printing from Your Own Device (Web Print)

GoPrint Web Print now allows students to upload documents directly from their personal computers and mobile devices and print to select release stations on the William Paterson University campus. Powered by Breezy Cloud Storage, documents can be uploaded directly from a personal computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device from anywhere, no longer requiring users to be in an open student lab to direct a print job to a University Release Station. An interactive map of the GoPrint Web Print release stations located on the William Paterson University campus can be found at:

Available Go Print Web Locations

* Atrium 120 – 1st floor of the Atrium – GoPrint Web is now located inside of the Atrium printer room.
Cheng Library -  1st floor of Cheng Library – adjacent to the Reference/Information Desk
Science East 3054
* Valley Road 1040

* Please be advised that duplexing is not currently available in these two printing locations (the Atrium and Valley Road computing labs)


  1. Click on the printer icon at the location where you wish to print.
  2. A GoPrint Cloud Print window appears. Click START NOW to print a document or Release Code to resend a previous job.
  3. Follow prompts to upload documents from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  4. When prompted, click Ready? and enter your WPU email address.
  5. Click Finish. Make note of your release code (it’s also emailed to you).
  6. Click Confirm Document, then Send Document.
  7. The final screen says Your documents are processing and you’ll see when it is completed. Your print job will be waiting at the printer you selected for 24 hours.

Releasing a print job

  1. At the Print Release Station, swipe your student ID card or enter your 855- number.
  2. Click Claim Mobile at lower left corner
  3. Enter your mobile release code
  4. Select print job, click Continue
  5. Verify you have Free Prints or Pioneer Express funds to cover the printing (see upper right corner). Click Pay and Print.

The mobile upload website can be accessed from any browser and does not require installing software or print drivers on the device. Common cloud storage sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote are already integrated in the upload site for easy document browsing. Additionally, the document release code is only needed the first time a user releases a mobile print job. GoPrint associates user email addresses after the first mobile upload, making the process even faster.

For detailed information about uploading and releasing documents, please visit


Printing from Open Labs

All students have quota of 300 sheets per academic year, after the limit is reached the cost is 5 cents per sheet.   The charge is for a sheet, if duplex printing is utilized two pages in a document will count as one sheet, reducing the printing costs per document page.

* Duplex printing uses both sides of the paper for print.  All Library printers DEFAULT to this option.  In this case, a "page" refers to one side of printed material while a "sheet" refers to the whole piece of paper.

Releasing your print job

Once you have printed a document in any of the library labs, you must "release" your document.  It is at this point that pages are deducted from your "quota" or you are charged for your printing. 

Front and back ERC labs:

The front and back ERC labs (Workstations next to the Reference desk and outside of Media Services are considered part of the Front ERC lab) each have a "Print Release Station."  This is a dedicated computer that allows you to release your documents.  All you have to do is find your name on the screen, click it, and follow the on screen process to select and release your print jobs.  If your quota has been reached, this would be the point where you are given the option to use your Pioneer Express account to pay for printing.

Curriculum Materials, Periodicals and L-01:

These three labs make use of GoPrint's "pop-up" client to process print jobs.  When you send a document to the printer, the pop-up client will appear and ask you to log in.  This will list your print jobs and allow you to print your document.

Lab Queue:

Documents remain in the queue for two hours.  After this period, any unreleased documents are purged.  If there is a problem with the printer or your print job, please report it to the STC(s) on duty in the back ERC lab.  STC Team Leaders can reprint failed print jobs should you be charged for something that never got printed.


Student Loaner Laptops

All student loaner laptops (available in Media Services) are set up to print to the Front ERC. Alternatively, you may launch a Web Browser and use Web GoPrint to print to other locations. Once you've printed a job to the desired printer, you must then go to that area's Release Station to release your print job.

Color Printing

Color print is available in the following locations:

Atrium 120

Valley Road 1040

The color prints are located in the printer rooms of each location locations and will automatically charge the color price of 0.15 cents per sheet. 

How to Print When You've Used Your Quota

Payment is made using Pioneer Express - associated with your student ID card. You are responsible for keeping track of your printing quota and budgeting your resources accordingly.


(on-campus only)

If you experience problems, please visit our Web HelpDesk, select the request type Printing, and submit a ticket. A technician will be in touch shortly.