The Power of Giving

The power of philanthropy is the power of partnerships. Our partnerships with you - our alumni and friends - will enable us to continue to create unique opportunities that enhance student learning, the academic mission, and faculty innovation.  At William Paterson, the power of philanthropy helps students achieve success through college and the rest of their lives.


Over the last five years, William Paterson has awarded close to $2 million in scholarships. Scholarships enable students to reduce their working hours as well as their years in school, and allow them to focus on academics and become more involved in university life.


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Michael Calabro '14

Non-traditional student Michael Calabro shows talent both in the classroom and studio. He will graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Oil Painting, an excellent grade point average, and a perfect Dean's List record - he has been named to it every semester since he transferred to William Paterson from Bergen Community College at the beginning of his sophomore year. (read more)

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Matthew Cohen '14

This spring, Matthew Cohen will complete a degree in Financial Planning; he has previously received an Associate degree from Johnson & Wales University. Matthew is attending William Paterson part-time as he works full-time as a professional associate with a well-known financial firm. (read more)

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Marilyn DeFalco '14

Marilyn DeFalco is a non-traditional senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She is a single mother who works part-time while attending William Paterson as a full-time student. Following her graduation this year, she hopes to pursue a Master's degree in social work and become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. (read more)

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Kaitlyn Masters '14

Since her transfer to William Paterson University in the Fall 2011 semester, Kaitlyn Masters has shown herself to be an exceptional student and actress.  She will receive a degree in Communication concentrated in Theater and Comedy this January after four straight semesters maintaining Dean's List status and a near-perfect grade point average.  (read more)

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Wesley Ostrzycki '14

Wesley Ostrzycki transferred to William Paterson from Monmouth University in the fall of 2011 to pursue a degree in Athletic Training. At both universities he was a Dean's List student and a member of the Men's Soccer Team. (read more)

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