Summer Money and Investing Camp

The Summer Money & Investing Camp immerses students in the financial world. From the convenience of their own terminals on the GFSI Trading Floor, students can access financial data from the around the globe using industry standard software packages such as Morningstar Office and Bloomberg Professional.

Taught by a unique mix of WPU faculty and students, as well as business practitioners, the program uses hands-on exercises to optimize student learning and retention. Participants also compete in team financial games.

During this course, students will learn about investment options, discuss current events such as the global financial crisis, its causes and proposed solutions, how to research a stock, basic methods for valuing companies, and get advice from industry experts. They will also scrutinize their own finances, and create personal financial plans and budgets.

The camp also provides some outdoor activities and games organized by WPU student helpers. The camp is available for both residents and commuters, and will be the highlight of their summer vacation.

Date of Activities

  • July 2015

Contact Information
For more information please send an email to .

  • Who should attend?
    The course is particularly suited to those interested in pursuing a career in finance or thinking of choosing a business major in college.
  • What is the percentage of resident and commuter students?
    There is an approximately a 60/40 split between commuter and resident students.
  • What is the average student age?
    Students range from freshmen to seniors in high school.
  • Where are students from?
    The majority of students are from NJ, but there are a few out of state participants each year.
  • Is there a place to stay prior to and after class?
    Yes. The trading floor is open from 8:30 am to 6 pm for those who need to arrange transportation.
  • Is there supervision for resident campers?
    Yes. A student life representative will be available for every 8 – 10 students.