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American Culture Trip

We are living is a world that is economically interdependent, technologically sophisticated, and culturally diversified. We cannot over state the importance of mutual understanding and cooperation among people from various countries and cultures . It is agreed that the most effective way of learning how other people study, work and live is to visit them in their countries. This is why we have developed the American Culture Field Trip Program for international students.

The program will help students to :

  • Learn history by visiting important American cities
  • Study American culture first-hand
  • Visit the world's top universities
  • Tour unique wonders of nature within the US
  • Reflect on their future path of life

There are several advantages that come from joining us in this program. William Paterson University is in Wayne, New Jersey .  The campus is located only 20 miles west of the Capital of the World, New York City. This makes it easy for international students to visit NYC and nearby regions including Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D .C ., etc. We will also arrange sightseeing trips to the south ern or west ern regions of the country. We have easy access to the world’s top universities, shopping malls, financial institutions, and companies. We have extensive relationships with world-class professors, business and community leaders , and other professionals. We can invite them to come and teach courses.

Participants will definitely learn more about American culture and improve their English. We expect that students will be more motivated to learn American culture and language in the new environment, where they will see the American people ’s lifestyle, listen to music, study history, tour nature sites, taste the food , and make new discoveries .

Next Session

February 2014

For more information please send an email to cob-gfsi@wpunj.edu .