CFA Research Practicum


The Cotsakos College of Business is a university partner and competitor in the New York Society of Securities Analysts Investment Research Challenge. The goal of the competition is to create a sell-side stock research report for a predefined company and develop an investment recommendation supported by their research.  Students are required to examine a stock and related industry through field research, carefully scrutinize the company’s financial statements, and participate in company presentations and analyst’s meetings. Student research and recommendations are supervised by a faculty advisor at WPU as well as an industry mentor assigned to the school.

Students participating in the challenge receive the following benefits:

  • Training in Research and Report Writing: Students receive training by attending NYSSA-sponsored seminars on Insider Tools for Analysts, Report Writing, and Ethics. Seminars are taught by NYSSA members and are held on campuses of participating universities or at NYSSA.
  • Mentoring By a Professional Research Analyst: Each team is mentored by a professional research analyst, who reviews and critiques the team's report.
  • Assessment of Written Reports: A group of volunteer graders selected from NYSSA’s membership assess the written research reports and choose four finalist teams to present their findings to a panel of experts.
  • Presentation of Research to a High-Profile Panel of Wall Street Experts: The four finalist teams present their research to a panel of respected Wall Street experts. The winning team will be selected based on the combined scores for the written report and the presentation.[1]

Areas of Study

Students participating in this challenge gain valuable real world experience and apply what they have learned in the classroom.  Team members achieve the following results:

  1. Understand the investment management process from a buy and sell side viewpoint.
  2. Determine real world strategies and understand different models for valuing a company.
  3. Determine relevant factors for industry and macroeconomic research which can be applied across multiple industries.
  4. Understand the importance of teamwork.
  5. Draw a parallel between academic work and field research.
  6. Network with peers form other universities.
  7. Develop a working relationship with their faculty advisor and industry mentor.

Who should participate

Undergraduate and graduate students at William Paterson University who are interested in a career in equity research, portfolio management, investment banking or accounting. 

Relevant majors

Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning


Peter Caiazzo