Young Leaders Program


“Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.” (Old Chinese saying) 

Travelling to the U.S. for a college education is an important step towards professional and personal growth for Chinese high school graduates. Traveling abroad certainly helps broaden horizons and capability. Traveling (including learning and doing things) is even more important to your growth than reading books. However, there are significant challenges facing students who wish to go abroad. The transition from high school to college is difficult and to move from one culture to another will prove even more difficult for the unprepared. Our Young Leaders Program helps you meet this challenge and realize your full potential. It is an intensive, completely immersive training program aimed at preparing you for a foreign environment and improving your overall ability to succeed.

GFSI will offer the Young Leaders Program on a nonmatriculated basis. Specifically, it seeks to educate, train and prepare students to gain the qualities, knowledge, skills and experience to be leaders in today’s dynamic global business environment. The Young Leaders Program is a year-long program, which offers flexibility and can be tailored to the students’ unique training needs. The Program helps the participants to enroll in the University’s matriculated programs.

Young Leaders is an immersive training program with a hands-on teaching philosophy of Be It! (Leadership qualities) Learn It! ( Knowledge and skills needed in global business) Say It! (Communication ) Do It! ( Real world experience ) . Using a multi-disciplinary approach , which combin es classroom instruction, hands-on exercises, practical application, and frequent interaction with peer students, leaders and professionals, students experience the learning.

Contact Information
Ms. Aliyah Xu
Phone: 973-720-3745