About the Global Financial Services Institute

The Global Financial Services Institute creates contemporary educational programs and applied research for students and business professionals in financial services.  We ensure our success by leveraging our vast technical and human capital while focusing on the primary trends which will continue to define and shape business activity in the coming decades. These trends include the emergence ofAsia especially China on the global stage, advancements in technology and their effect on our daily lives, and the need for business leaders to make decisions which benefit society. These areas guide program development and research which allows us to provide innovative and timely solutions for our stakeholders. 

Our Role at William Paterson University or Benefits of GFSI

GFSI serves as an emblem of the University's commitment to student success, academic excellence, and community service.  With support from the Cotsakos College of Business as well as several other departments in the university, we aid in designing and enhancing financial education on the degree and certificate level.

GFSI provides our faculty with resources necessary to enhance their research and teaching at the college.  Our staff members train vigorously on our platforms to ensure faculty at the Cotsakos College of Business have the data and support they need to produce quality research. We also offer technical assistance to help professors integrate cutting edge financial software and instructional equipment into their lesson plans.  

The Institute creates a dynamic environment for students motivated to be business leaders and practitioners in the financial services industry.

Developing Global Citizens
WPU students are nurtured to understand their role in a global business environment. At GFSI, our goal is to go beyond the requisite technical skills and develop our students’ soft skills as well as their understanding of foreign cultures and systems. We encourage first hand exposure through debates, exchange programs and trips to international destinations where they meet with peers and business leaders.

Career Development

We offer support and independent learning opportunities, certification programs, and serve as advisors to numerous student organizations which provide invaluable career training in finance and related disciplines, further enhancing our students’ job preparedness.