Briggitte Sanchez
12th grade, School of Government and Public Administration at Eastside High School

[Honorable mention, 11th and 12th grade contest]

      The United States is called an “Immigration Nation”. Many people immigrate to America to find the American dream and make it real. Immigration is the movement of people into a country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there. More recently, many immigrants in the United States are Hispanics, including many Mexicans. However, Americans are opposing immigrants coming here legally because of racism, and because they fear that immigrants can take their jobs. For that reason immigrants are coming to the United States illegally. So, at the moment they arrive here they lose all their rights and are treated as animals by others just because they are not US citizens or permanent residents. Many immigrants are deported against their will. I believe that we must to avoid this by giving them the permission to come to the United States.

      As a Hispanic person, I have many Hispanic friends that come here illegally because they didn’t have the permission to come here legally. For instance, my friend Rosmery came to the United States to find a better future than she could have in her native country. She is a worker because she is independent, and she lives with her husband and her son. When she first came here illegally she thought that it will be easy but is not. This is because she found Americans whose don’t like Hispanics and who abuse of them physically or mentally. She can do nothing because she isn’t a resident or a U.S citizen. Sometimes when I talk with her she tells me how she feels, and she doesn’t feel good in this country. She is afraid of the police when they are close to her; however, she cannot return to her native country because her son was born here and she has to stay here for her family.

      As we know, many immigrants (legal and illegal) are coming to the United States with a purpose; it is to get a superior life. Most of the immigrants who come here are Hispanics, and it is increasing. Based on scientific data, the number of immigrants (illegal) in this country hit a new record of 11 million people. Furthermore, most of these people are Mexican, 62%, a total of 6,650,000 people. As we know, Mexican people have more possibilities to come here illegally because they are near to the border between Mexico and the United States. Another percent of people is Salvadoran with 5%, 530,000 people. Therefore, the states more populated by illegal people are California and Texas. California has 25%, that is 2,930,000 people and Texas is with 14%, 1,640,000 people.

     Furthermore, I saw a movie about immigrant people, they are Mexican, and they are illegal. This movie is called “A better life”. This movie is about a Mexican man, Carlos, who has a very intelligent son, Luis; but, sometimes Luis acts like a person who doesn’t care what his father thinks or does. They live in East Los Angeles where many illegal people live there. Carlos is a good man, a hard-worker, and a humble person. However, he doesn’t have a permanent job because he is illegal. He works in any works he can; but, usually, he works like a gardener, sometimes he is treated really badly by his bosses. One day, he decides to buy a truck, because it could help him to find more work and, especially, he can be more mobile. Until, one day, he went to work like a gardener for a Mexican person, Santiago. Santiago stole his truck, the only important thing he had. Nevertheless, Carlos decided to go find the person who stole his truck with his son. Luis wanted help his father to find the truck. Days after, they found him in a restaurant, working. Carlos talked with him and Santiago said to him that he sold his truck in a black market. So, Carlos and his son went to the black market and stole his own car. Unfortunately, the police caught them and Carlos was taken to a detention center, detention for immigrants. Then, he was reported and his son, Luis, had to stay here. I can say that this is a great movie to see because it shows how hard immigrants life is. It’s too sad to see, and this movie touches my heart.

      In conclusion, I think that the government should open the doors for immigrants who really need it. I know it’s not easy but as people we must help each other to get a better future. Many people whose come here, illegally, come for a reason and we cannot judge them for being an illegal person or treat them as if they don’t have rights. On the contrary, we should admire them because they are stronger at the moment. They take the risk to come here across the border even though they know what could happen with them if the police realize that they are trying to cross the border. At the moment they are doing that they could die or could be reported by police to their native country. And it was what happened with Carlos in the movie “A Better Life”; he was reported to his native country, Mexico, and, also, he was separated from his son. To crystallize, I believe that the government must help immigrants come here legally, with all their papers in order. Another solution is to help immigrants who are here more than 10 years and give then the visa and the opportunity to be permanent resident. I’m saying this because many of them have made their lives her, made a family and gotten their education. We should give them the chance to keep their families together. Every single person should have the opportunity to start a new life!


Homeland Security – Wednesday 10th, 2013,

U.S. Census Record – Monday 8th, 2013,

Patriotic Project – Tuesday 2th, 2013

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