Unemployment Tuition Policy


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Winter 2014 Term

Registration Dates   
Submission Dates

 December 1st - December 12th

 December 15th - December 19th



Spring 2015 Term

Registration Dates
Submission Dates

January 12th - January 20th

January 5th - January 9th




Eligibility for Continued Participation

William Paterson University may refuse an application for enrollment in a course under the tuition waiver program where:

  1. The student is eligible for any available State or Federal student Financial Aid, grants and scholarships, which would fully or partially cover the student’s enrollment in a course;
  2. Available classroom space does not permit the student’s enrollment in the course;
  3. Tuition paying students do not constitute the minimum number required for the course; or
  4. The student has already registered and paid tuition for the course.
  5. Where a student has defaulted on a student loans.
  6. The student’s eligibility for enrollment in a course at William Paterson under the tuition waiver program shall depend upon the student possessing the appropriate prerequisite skills for that course as determined by William Paterson.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

  1. Students seeking to enroll in credit courses under the tuition waiver program are responsible for filing a Free Application for Financial Aid Application (www.fafsa.gov) and providing all necessary information to determine financial aid eligibility. 
  2. Any eligible student receiving financial aid that is not sufficient to pay the full amount of tuition will be entitled to have the remaining tuition not covered by financial aid waived by William Paterson.

Fees and Charges

  1. The following Fees and Charges are not covered by the unemployment waiver:
    1. Lab fees, insurance fees, parking fees, housing/dorm fees, orientation fees, admission application fees, acceptance fees, approved tuition waiver application fee, student teaching fee, and distance learning fees are not applicable.   Additional fees may not be covered.
    2. Students can view bills on WPConnect.  A $20 approved tuition waiver application fee will be charged to the student's bill for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions  If any of these fees appear, prompt payment can be made at The Center for Student Services or through the student’s WPConnect account.
    3. A $120.00 Distance Learning Fee will be applied to each class taken online during the semester.

Required Documentation

  1. Students seeking to enroll in credit courses under the tuition waiver program must submit the following documentation to the Financial Aid Office no later than the designated submission dates. 
  1. A copy of the Tuition Waiver received from the One Stop Career Center/Unemployment Office.  The form must be filled out in its entirety, incomplete applications will be denied.  If classes listed on the application are full, the student must return to their One Stop Center to obtain a new form with alternate classes.
  2. A copy of the Institutional Application for Tuition Waiver.


When a student’s application for tuition waiver is denied by William Paterson University, the student has the right to appeal the decision.  Upon denial, the student will receive a written explanation of the reason for denial.  A “Level 1” appeal using the “Notice of Ineligibility for Tuition waiver” is addressed to:

Workforce Development Field Operations
Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development
1 John Fitch Plaza
P.O. Box 055
Trenton, NJ 08625-0055

Student Contact

Communication with students will be through WPUNJ email address only.  For tuition waiver questions, please contact Tamar Montuma at montumat@wpunj.edu