Association Memories

The Association has designated space in The Paterson Room of the Library for the display of a plaque noting and honoring distinguished colleagues. Whenever the need arises, and at the discretion of the steering committee and/or members, names may be added. Currently the following names are inscribed on this plaque:

Paul Vouras
Ardell Elwell

Alice Meeker

The Association also plans to maintain a (video and/or on-line) book of pictures and remembrances of William Paterson and its departed members. To facilitate this, please consider keeping your own listings and your memories of others up-to-date.

Related to the above, the RFA encourages the administration, students and Board of Trustees to establish and designate as a Memorial Hall the building currently called The Coach House. It is anticipated that such a site can be used to commemorate and display appropriate memorabilia of past, present and future generations of students and staff. This building was part of Alisa Farms, donated to the University as part of the Hobart Estate. It is protected as part of the Hobart Hall Historical Landmark designation.