Managing Retirement

The Office of Human Resources offers information and advice that may help you prepare now for retirement, and is augmented by experience and advice from RFA members.  They have also provided the following links that will yield valuable information.
New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits:
Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) Pension Plan
ABP Investment Vendors
Fact Sheet # 11 - Enrolling in State Health Benefits When you retire
Fact Sheet # 13 - Conversion of Life Insurance Benefits
Request for Retirement Estimate Forms - TPAF Member (Adobe Acrobat file)
Retiree Health Benefits
Teachers Pension Annuity Fund (TPAF) Pension Plan
Additional Useful Links:
American Association of Retired Persons
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Social Security Administration
William Paterson University - Human Resources Announcements Page - ABP Vendor Contacts
Please suggest any links that you have found useful or relevant to John Stimson,