Work Order

Standard Work Order Procedures

  • We generally use a system of written work requests to schedule work. Please call if you need assistance with a work request.
  • Work orders are your way to notify us of your need for service to give special instructions, give us contact and location information and also provide a tracking mechanism.
  • All emergency situations which pose an immediate threat to personal safety, or of major damage to buildings, equipment, or to the property should be phoned in immediate to the Facilities Office at 973-720-2142. It s not necessary to process a work order for any called in requests.
  • You need not enter a separate order for work requested in a Hospitality Services contract.
  • All WPU Staff now have access to our Megamation Online Work Order Request System.

All WPU personnel must enter their work request into our Megamation Online Work Request System. If you do not have a User ID and Password to access the Megamation Online System, please have your Department Head/Supervisor send an email to Carol De Groat in the Facilities Office stating that they are approving you to enter work requests online. The email must include the following information:

  • The approved employee's full name
  • The employee's title
  • The name of employee's department
  • The building name the employee works out of

The Facilities Office will process your Department Head's request, and email your User ID and Password directly to you along with the link to the online form and instructions on entering a work request into the online form. NO EMPLOYEE WILL BE ISSUED A USER ID AND PASSWORD UNLESS IT IS REQUESTED BY YOUR DEPARTMENT HEAD OR IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR.

No employee that already has access to the Megamation Online Work Request System can enter a work request on the below formand fax it. If the Facilities Office receives a faxed work request from any employee that already has access to the Megamation System, it will be faxed back to you asking you to enter your request into the Megamation Online System.

The below "Standard Work Request Online Fill-in Form" can only be used if you have a User ID and Password request pending and have not recieved them yet, and a Facilities Office Personnel has given you authorization to fax your request until you receive your User ID and Password. Once you receive your ID and Password, you can no longer enter a request on the below form and fax it to our department.

Standard Work Request Online Fill-in Form

Note: If an employee was approved to enter work requests in one department, and has move to another department, that employee cannot enter work requests using the ID and Password they received while working in the other department.

You are required to notify the Facilities Office as soon as you change departments, and you must apply for a new ID and Password under your new department. The process will remain the same; the Department Head/Supervisor must make the request. Your ID and Password may possibly remain the same, but you will be entering requests under your new department.

Request for Engraved Plastic Sign Fill-out Form

  • You can now complete a Request for an Engraved Plastic Sign fill-in form, print it, and fax the completed form to the Facilities Department.
  • Please click the below link and enter your information. Click the Print Form Bottom in the Form only to print a copy.
  • Fax printed copy to the attention of Irene Dattilo at ext. 2493.

Request for an Engraved Plastic Sign Fill-in Form