Assessment Overview Grid: Campus Activities and Student Leadership

Common Student Learning Goal Addressed
University document to which Learning Goal is tied
Student Learning Objective
Program or Activity targeted
Expected Outcome
Instrument Utilized
Actual Outcome, using metrics
Conclusions, Next Steps

Help prepare our students to actively participate in effecting change in their own lives and their communities.

Divisional Mission Statement

Greeks will illustrate their understanding of competencies essential for academic success and personal and organizational development.

Competencies taken from CAS Standards and changed from program to program

Fall Anti-hazing

Spring Anti-Hazing

And Fall 80% Greek educational event

(4 th event canceled due to guest speaker)
Students will be able to explain competencies essential for positive new member activities, improved fiscal accountability and social responsibilities.

Each program will have a post test to prove information retention and topical understanding

(we used 80% correct as level of Competency)

1 st Event 100% Competency, 30% of those tested achieved perfect score.

2 nd Event 66% Competency (see conclusions)

3 rd Event 100% competency

66% achieved perfect score.

High Risk alcohol use hazing, Diversity, History of Greeks, Group and individual responsibility being taught well already and we need to move to the topics that aren’t well understood such as shared values and Ritual . We began already coving some of these topics in our Greek retreat sessions held in January. Future topics will include academics and responsibility to national standards, and better relationship building with national offices, advisors and each other

Help facilitate students’ personal development Divisional Mission Statement Program participants will identify and integrate an awareness and understanding of various leadership styles and approaches, explore and design personal leadership approaches, critical thinking skills, creativity and motivation which enhance their personal development as leaders.

Pioneer Leadership Institute

(Freshman Leadership Program)


First Semester, First-year students will describe their personal leadership styles and identify their participation in leadership activities.


Focus Group

100% responded that Pioneer Leadership Institute made them a better leader. 100% had future goals of acquiring new leadership positions.

We received feedback that we’re missing an action project where the participants could apply the skills learned and a desire for a mentoring program. For next year’s program with new funding we will be adding a weekend capstone which will include more action based programming. Also based in feedback we will be adding a component of service and possibly spirituality.