Rejection Codes and Reasons for Non-Selection

Rejection Codes:
A - Degree requirements not met
B - Experience Requirements not met
C - Publication requirements not met
D - Special requirements not met
E - Wrong Specialty
F - Incomplete application
G - Inadequate documentation of credentials
H - Failure to respond to or keep appointment
I - Qualified but not judged to be among the top 5 applicants
J - Other (Specify)

The following additional codes may be used to report deficiencies that appeared as a result of interviews and/or lectures or presentations.

K - Did not display organization of thought
L - Lacked precision or clarity of thought
M - Presentation was not informative
N - Presentation generated little interest
O - Responded poorly to questions
P - Withdrew from interview process
Q - Qualified, but not judged to be the top candidate
R - Other (specify)