Teaching Circles

What are Teaching Circles?

  • Small groups of faculty (typically four to ten) who meet regularly over the course of a semester for planned, purposeful conversation
  • They may decide to discuss one single aspect of teaching and learning during that time or they may decide to change topics each meeting
  • Groups select their own dates, times, and places of meetings

Why join a Teaching Circle?

  • To exchange ideas with colleagues in an informal, non-competitive setting
  • To interact with colleagues in your own and other disciplines
  • To build a Portfolio for retention, tenure, or promotion
  • To commit more fully to working together as professionals to improve student learning

A one-page summary of the proposed activities of the group will serve as an application for funding. The latter will be provided in the form of food and drink (through the campus food service) for the duration of the Teaching Circle. Applications made for one semester only must be renewed as the end of that semester; applications for a year's meetings need not be renewed until the following year.        


Please send questions, suggestions or comments to Keumjae Park and Bob Rosen, 
Co-directors, Center for Teaching Excellence