Undergraduate Programs: Majors & Minors

The Department of Public Health at William Paterson University offers two undergraduate programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree as well as two minors for students studying disciplines other than public health.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students with knowledge of public health practice, principles and methods, and the skills necessary to utilize these to improve the health of the public.  This is achieved through a foundation in general education, the biological, social and behavioral sciences, research, and the core content areas of public health enhanced by a semester-long internship in a public health setting.

The public health program offers students two tracks of study, General Public Health and Public Health Education.  The program prepares students to enter the public health work force through a multi-disciplinary study of the physical and natural sciences, education, psychology, sociology, and public health.

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies

Contact the department for more information about this degree program.

Minor in Public Health

The minor in Public Health introduces students to the core responsibilities and functions of the field of Public Health.  Students may select from a variety of elective courses to build a program that enhances the student’s major area of study and matches the student’s personal interests in the health field.

Minor in Health Studies

As our collective understanding of human health is continually evolving, the minor in Health Studies provides students with broad exposure to current and evidence-based content through a variety of personal health courses.  Students who minor in Health Studies will explore content in several foundational areas of personal health and well-being, and may select elective courses based on personal interests and needs.