Undergraduate Programs: Majors & Minors

The Department of Public Health at William Paterson University offers two undergraduate programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree as well as two minors for students studying disciplines other than public health.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Health EducationTrack

General Track

The public health program offers students two tracks of study, general public health and public health education.  The program prepares students to enter the public health work force through a multi-disciplinary study of the physical and natural sciences, education, psychology, sociology, and public health.

The public health- health education track is a professional preparation track that prepares students for employment as health educators. These are professionals who assess, plan, implement, and evaluate a broad range of health promotion and disease prevention programs in diverse community settings. Majors become oriented to the profession of public health education by the completion of a 12-credit, full-time internship during their senior year, which includes taking the national examination to become Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES). The public health education program is the only program in New Jersey approved by the Society for Public Health Education/American Association of Health Education Baccalaureate Program Approval Committee (SABPAC). Employment opportunities exist in local, state, federal, and voluntary health agencies, community health centers, hospital-based community health education departments, clinics, health maintenance organizations, and private industry.

The public health - general track prepares students to enter the public health workforce as generalists in a variety of settings.  This track introduces students to a wide range of career options available with further training or education such as environmental health specialist, epidemiologist, or health administrator. A required six (6) credit internship in the senior year allows for the exploration of an area of career interest in public health. Employment opportunities exist in local, state, federal, voluntary health agencies, and community health centers.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Health

Applied Health Program

Suggested Minors for Applied Health Majors

The applied health program is geared toward students with an interest and/or experience in health-related careers, but who do not wish to pursue preparation in a specific health profession.  The applied health program prepares students with the health knowledge necessary for employment in a variety of positions in health care industries and settings such as nonprofit health organizations, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, nursing homes, assisted living communities and similar residential settings, among others. A three (3) credit required internship in the senior year allows student to explore an area of career interest. This program will assist allied health professionals with an associate of applied science degree earned from a community college to advance at their present place of employment.

The applied health program enables students to critically review research, identify valid sources of health information, analyze factors that contribute to health and illness, examine the organization and administration of health care, and apply these in a professional work setting. 

This major was specifically developed to allow for the declaration of a minor course of study that would complement the skills and knowledge addressed by this program and support student career goals.


Minor in Public Health

The minor in Public Health introduces students to the core responsibilities and functions of the field of Public Health.  Students may select from a variety of elective courses to build a program that enhances the student’s major area of study and matches the student’s personal interests in the health field. 

Minor in Health Studies

As our collective understanding of human health is continually evolving, the minor in Health Studies provides students with broad exposure to current and evidence-based content through a variety of personal health courses.  Students who minor in Health Studies will explore content in several foundational areas of personal health and well-being, and may select elective courses based on personal interests and needs.