Department of Public Health

Dr. Marianne Sullivan

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Office:   Hunziker Wing 149
Phone:   973-720-3481
Office Hours:   Fall 2012: Wed 12:15-1:15 pm; Thurs 4-6 pm

Department: Public Health
Position: Assistant Professor
Area Specialization: Community and Environmental Health; Community Health Assessment; Community Based Participatory Research


DrPH, Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.

MPH, Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Berkeley.

BA, Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA.

Selected Publications


Tainted Earth, [forthcoming], Rutgers University Press. This book examines three community health disasters caused by pollution from smelters in the U.S. Key themes considered include the community experience of environmental pollution, power relationships among communities, government and industry, industry influence on science, and the adequacy of environmental regulation for preventing harm to the environment and the public’s health.

Book Chapters

Sullivan M, Chao S, Allen C, Kone A, Krieger JW, Pierre-Louis M. Community Research Partnerships: Perspectives from the Field. In Minkler M, Wallerstein N, eds. Community Based Participatory Research for Health.Jossey Bass, San Francisco, 2003:113-130.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Sullivan M. An Historical Example of Selective Publication: Lead Smelter Workers and Cancer. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health [Forthcoming].

Sullivan M. Asarco and the Occupational Standard for Inorganic Arsenic: Contested Science and Exposed Workers. Public Health Reports 2007 July-Aug;122:541-547.

Sullivan M, Bhuyan R, Senturia K, Shiu-Thornton S, Ciske S. Participatory action research in practice: a case study in addressing domestic violence in nine cultural communities. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2005 Aug;20(8):977-95.

Shiu-Thornton S, Senturia K, Sullivan M. "Like a bird in a cage": Vietnamese women survivors talk about domestic violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2005 Aug;20(8):959-76.

Sullivan M, Senturia K, Negash T, Shiu-Thornton S, Giday B. "For us it is like living in the dark": Ethiopian women's experiences with domestic violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2005 Aug;20(8):922-40.

Bhuyan R, Mell M, Senturia K, Sullivan M, Shiu-Thornton S. "Women must endure according to their karma": Cambodian immigrant women talk about domestic violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2005 Aug;20(8):902-21.

Cheadle A, Sullivan M, Krieger JW, Ciske SJ, Shaw M, Eisinger A, Higgins DL. Using a Participatory Approach to Provide Assistance to Community Based Organizations: the Seattle Partners Community Research Center. Health Education and Behavior 2002;29(3):383-394 .

Sullivan M, Kone A, Senturia KD, Chrisman NJ, Ciske SJ, Krieger JW. Researcher and Researched-Community Perspectives: Toward Bridging the Gap. Health Education and Behavior 2001;28(2):130-149.

Fellowships and Grants

Environmental Protection Agency, Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellow.

American Legacy Foundation Fellow. Columbia University, Center for Applied Public Health.

Current Research Projects

Community Health Assessment of Access to Autism Services among Low-Income Latinos in Nassau County, NY.

Related Professional Experience

Epidemiologist, Public Health Seattle & King County.

Courses Taught

Epidemiology, Program Evaluation, Community Health Assessment, Program Planning & Implementation, Introduction to Public Health, Health, Disease, Society & the Environment