Students enrolling in the university for the first time fall 2011 and after will utilize the Upper Division (UCC) Curriculum* Control Sheet.

Nursing students enrolled in William Paterson University prior to fall 2010 who start NUR courses in fall 2010 or spring 2011 are in the Upper Division (General Education) Curriculum* 128 credits needed to graduate.

Students who enroll in William Paterson University for the first time in fall 2010 or spring 2011 are in the General Education Upper Division Curriculum* 120 credits needed to graduate.

Roy Curriculum has been retired with the last course being offered in the spring of 2012. The Roy Curriculum is no longer available.  New students are not being enrolled in this curriculum.

*The Upper Division Curriculum requires all prerequisites and most general education courses be completed before commencing the NUR sequence of courses.