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Graduate Program

Dr. Kem Louie, Director

Welcome to the world of learning at WPUNJ. We realize that you have begun to fulfill one of your goals in pursuing your graduate work. As you begin, keep in mind the faculty and staff are available for questions and concerns you may have about your program. We also have the Grad Nurse Gazette which is published each semester to keep students informed about happenings in the Department of Nursing. As you plan your courses, meet new colleagues and learn new dimensions about nursing, your experience as a graduate student should be exciting. Feel free to contact Elaine, program assistant, or myself at 973-720-3511/3215 or email , if you have any questions.

This orientation will introduce incoming students to the resources and services available to graduate students university-wide. Some of the featured topics include, library resources, computer support, safety issues, health services, and graduate student organizations. You can obtain a copy of the Graduate Nursing Student Handbook or Doctor of Nursing Practice Handbook online at please review this for policies and procedures. Check STUDENT ENROLLMENT SERVICES for more information.

ID cards

You are expected to make arrangements to have your photo taken for an identification card, to pick up the card after it is processed and to carry it with you at all times. The card will enable you to use all campus facilities and services and will identify you as part of the University community. It will entitle you to discounts at student-sponsored events and you will also need your card to borrow books from the library, use the REC CENTER, swimming pool and benefit from other campus services. ID photos are generally taken during new student orientation and registration, the first three weeks of each semester and upon special request of Hospitality Services located in the University Commons.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is provided to students at William Paterson University for conducting business. PINs are used for registration, computer account generation, and a host of other functions requiring student authentication. The PIN provides secure access to your records.

Change your PIN!

Initially your P.I.N. and RAN number is your date of birth (mmddyy). You should change this when you first log in for security. Change your PIN to something that you will remember because it is required to access William Paterson Online.

To change your PIN sign onto WP Connect and select CHANGE PIN and follow the directions. You will need to sign back onto WP Connect using your new PIN to proceed with accessing your records.

If you forget your P.I.N. you must complete the information at the PIN recovery web page and your P.I.N. will be e-mailed to your STUDENT.WPUNJ.EDU account. 

Need help with STUDENT.WPUNJ.EDU email account? Go to WPUNJ E-MAIL from the Student Services WP 'ONLINE" page. Student E-Mail Help is available. 


Registration for Courses Occurs Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters 

• Meet or speak with the Director of the Graduate Nursing Program or Doctor of Nursing Practice Coordinator for course advisement 

• Prepare course call numbers and alternates if classes are closed 

• CLICK on WP Connect 

• At the prompt STUDENT LOGIN: Enter your STUDENT ID (855#) number and your PIN • LOGIN VERIFICATION: Enter your PIN again 

• Click on Registration and Schedule 

• To register for classes click on DROP/ADD classes • Select term: MAKE SURE THAT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT TERM

• At the prompt: ENTER RAN click SUBMIT 

• Once RAN has been verified click CONTINUE

• Type the CRN numbers of the classes you wish to add/drop(enroll) 

• If you do not know the CRN # 

1. Click on course sections 

2. Select a subject 

3. Select a course 

4. Click on the CRN Box of the section you wish to enroll 


• View schedule

• View account summary and pay your bill 

Remote Access to the Cheng Library's Electronic Resources for Current Students, Faculty and Staff 

Access to the Library Catalog 

• Access to Library Subscription Databases and Electronic Journals: 

• On-Campus Access 

• Off-Campus Access: 

• Easy Login - *Easiest method for database access* 

• Dial-Up Access 

• Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access 

5. Access to the Library Catalog The Cheng Library Catalog is available to anyone with an Internet connection. No special software or password is needed to access the catalog. The Library's Web address is

6. Access to Library Subscription Databases The Library currently subscribes to approximately 90 databases and 10,000 electronic journals from commercial providers. A complete list of databases and e-journals is available from the Library Web site. These databases include licenses that limit off-campus access to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. To ensure compliance with the terms of each database license, off-campus users must be authenticated to gain entry to the campus network. There are now several options for doing this:

1. On-Campus Access: If you are on campus, access to these databases is available through computer terminals located in the Library, in all campus computing labs, and in faculty/staff offices. All residence hall rooms are also equipped with data ports wired to the campus network (WPUNJnet). The Information Technology Services Web site contains more information about Residence Hall connectivity.

2. Easy Login: Students and faculty using their home computers with a commercial Internet Service Provider (e.g., AOL, MSN, etc.) can access library databases and e-journals. A complete directory of databases is available from the "Find an Article" link in the center of the Library's home page. When you select a database or e-journal from one of these directories, you will be taken to a "Database Remote Access" page. There, select "Student" or "Faculty/Staff" and enter your WPUNJ email Username and Password. Click on the "Proceed" button and you will be passed through to the opening page of the database or e-journal you selected. If you cannot remember your WPUNJ email Username, you can look it up in the online Public Access Directory.

3. Dial-Up Access: Dial-Up connections are intended primarily for local commuters since long distance telephone charges may apply. The Information Technology Services Web site includes a page of instructions for configuring dial-up connections for home computers equipped with the Windows operating system. There are different instruction pages for students and faculty/staff. Instruction & Research Technology maintains a page with instructions for configuring dial-up connections on Macintosh home computers. In all cases, the Username and Password you will use when configuring your dial-up connection are the ones established for your WPUNJ email account.

4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access: Individuals with Windows98/ME/XP/NT/2000 can also install Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. This software allows you to use a commercial Internet Service Provider of your choice to connect to the Internet from a local number and then access WPUNJ for databases and e-journals. The software, available on a CD-ROM, can be checked out from the Library Electronic Resource Center. Installation instructions for students and faculty are on the CD-ROM. The Kit is cataloged under the title "VPNKit" and the call number is VPNKit. The Information Technology Services Web site also maintains a page containing information about the VPN service. If you encounter problems installing, configuring, or using VPN, send email to

Library tour

Current Graduate Catalog

Current Graduate Student Handbook or Doctor of Nursing Practice Handbook

It is your responsibility to download the Handbook and familiarize yourself with all policies and procedures.

Access my Outlook Mail from the web?

Financial Aid: 

Student Services: 

Office of Graduate Admissions & Enrollment:



A network of educational support services called the Educational Support Program (ESP) is available to all students in the graduate nursing program. The ESP is designed to help the student by providing support, guidance, instruction, and inspiration. A variety of resources are provided to enhance the learning experience and to promote success. Contact Renee Pevour at


1. Students who do not meet all of the stated requirements for admission to the graduate program in nursing, but have been accepted, are required to participate in the ESP.  

2. Students whose GPA drops below a 3.0 are required to participate in the ESP.                                  

3. The student will be notified by the Graduate Program Director that participation in the ESP is required.

4. The Retention Coordinator coordinates the ESP and will notify students of the required activities for participation.                                                                                                                           

5. The student will meet with the Renee Pevour (973-720-3516 or at regularly scheduled intervals.


For new students paper assignments can be a challenge. This link will provide some guidance.


Forms for Graduate Students are available by contacting the Graduate Nursing Office at 973-720-3511.


To enhance the security of the campus, the University requires all vehicles, which are parked on the campus, to be registered with its Department of Public Safety and to display appropriate university decals or permits. As a result, all vehicles parked on the campus must bear a valid William Paterson University parking permit/decal, which must be visibly displayed whenever the vehicle is parked on campus, and each student and/or university employee must register his/her vehicle with the William Paterson University Department of Public Safety to park on campus. To register your vehicle and for additional information go to:

Health and Wellness Center:

The Counseling, Health & Wellness Center provides a full range of clinical services for all William Paterson University Students. Please click on the link below to the Counseling Center or the Health & Wellness Center to learn more about the services offered.

Keeping up with Graduate Program news and information:

You can read the latest information on the Gradnurse Gazette which is published by the department biannually. We would like to hear about your achievements.

Go to:

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