The following are regulations effecting all graduate students at WPUNJ.

Matriculation Policy
Matriculated students are those who are fully accepted to a degree-granting program.

Nondegree Policy
A student possessing a baccalaureate degree may take course as a "nondegree" student. Nondegree students may not take more than three courses or 9 credits total. (This limit does not apply to senior citizens.) The 9-credit limit does not include undergraduate courses needed for eligibility for matriculation into a graduate degree program. Prior to taking additional courses, the student must be matriculated in a certification or degree program. Credits earned as a nondegree student are not necessarily acceptable toward fulfillment of the degree or certification requirements. Admission on a nondegree basis does not imply eligibility for matriculation in any degree program or acceptance into a certification program. Should a master's degree or certification program be desired, the student must formally apply and complete all admission requirements for the particular program before the completion of 9 credits or three courses.

All nondegree students who wish to enroll in graduate courses must present proof of their undergraduate degree to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services at the time of application for nondegree study. An official transcript or copy of their diploma must be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services.

Matriculation From Nondegree Status
A student who matriculates from the nondegree status must officially change status by filling out the Change of Status Form. This form can be obtained in the Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services, Morrison Hall, or in the Graduate Program in Nursing Office, 240 Hunziker Wing.