Department of Nursing

Christina McSherry


Office:   W 206
Phone:   973-720-3486
Office Hours:   Posted on office door.

Department: Nursing
Position: Assistant Professor & Director for Nursing for the University Honors College
Area Specialization: Nursing research & theory, and end of life care.


McSherry, C. B. (2011). The inner life at the end of life. The Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. In Press, March/April.

Sherman, D. W., Norman, R., & McSherry, C. B. (2010).  A comparison of death anxiety and quality of life of patients with advanced cancer or AIDS and their family caregivers. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 21(2), pgs. 99-112.

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April 2011      

6th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the New Jersey End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (NJ-ELNEC) , Rutgers University College of Nursing, Newark, New Jersey.

April 2010

Keynote Speaker Annual Nursing Research Day, International Nursing Honor Society & WPU Graduate Nursing Program, William Paterson University.

April 2010      

Presented at the WPU Research & Scholarship Day, William Paterson University.

March 2009

Presented at the New Jersey State Nursing Convention, Atlantic City, N.J.