Department of Nursing Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017

William Paterson University

College of Science and Health

Department of Nursing

Strategic Plan 2014-2017


WPU- GOAL I. Offer academic programs of highest quality

DON goals

Action plan



1. Initiate a College of Nursing

Consider an organizational structure to increase visibility and autonomy

Consultant to assist faculty in developing a proposal

DON is a College of Nursing by 2017

2.Enhance program excellence

Prepare self-study Spring 2014 for CCNE accreditation for MSN and DNP programs

Review and revise curriculum-

Review outcomes and foster quality improvement

-NCLEX pass rates

-National certification rates

Initiate a BSN- DNP program

Enhance integration of technology into all levels of curriculum

Develop an online RN to BSN program

Need for additional full-time, tenure-track faculty lines (1-2-1 for next three years to accommodate new programs)

Need for full-time clinical faculty (1-2-1 for next three years to accommodate new programs)

Need for five additional half-time lines to decrease reliance on adjuncts (one in each of the five specialty areas) due to increased acuity of patients and mandated 8:1 clinical ratios

Need for additional nursing skills labs and simulation facilities as part of the planning for the new academic health science building

Approve CCNE accreditation for the MSN and DNP programs spring 2015

Maintain NCLEX pass rates > 80%

Maintain national NP certification rates > 80%

Improve full-time faculty to student ratios < 1:29

Offer a BSN-DNP program fall 2015

Offer ABSN Summer 2016

Explore offering an online RN to BSN by 2017

3.Expand faculty scholarship productivity

Increase number of publications every two years

Increase submissions for presentations of regional and national presentations to one per two years

Increase grant submissions

Increase faculty applications for Assigned Release Time to improve scholarly output

Recommend adoption of Boyer’s “Scholarship revisited” for nursing

Provide faculty development and personnel to assist faculty preparation of manuscript submissions

Increase support to fund travel to presentations/conferences

Maintain  research assistant opportunities for faculty

Faculty to continue to participate in University sponsored workshops for obtaining funds

Each faculty will submit one publication every two years

Each faculty will present at one regional or national conference every two years

DON will submit one grant proposal every two years

4.Foster student involvement in faculty research scholarship or practice scholarship

Provide increased opportunities for faculty to mentor students

Increase opportunities for student engagement in faculty scholarly projects

Faculty/students will present at conferences/prepare manuscript every two years

5.Develop collaboration with other health professions/disciplines

Meet with chairperson/faculty in other health related professions or disciplines to discuss possible electives

Strategize for the development of a multidisciplinary academic community health center

Meet with department chairs to discuss mutual educational goals

Funding for a consultant and grant writer

By 2017, there will be a plan in place for collaboration with at least one other health profession or discipline at WPU in educating students

6.Explore opportunities for faculty to teach in an international program

Explore faculty opportunities with Sigma Theta Tau International schools of nursing

Seek out WPU resources/faculty release time


By 2017, one nursing faculty will participate in an exchange with in an international program

7.Increase visibility for students to engage in opportunities for international nursing courses

Explore student opportunities through international nursing programs

Seek out WPU resources/faculty release time

By 2017, one opportunity for an international nursing course will be developed and implemented

8.Explore a consortium with other Schools of Nursing to collaborate with non-traditional students e.g. RN-BSN, ABSN

Invite Deans/Directors to discuss the possibility of a consortium to share resources for educating nursing students

Set up a mutual meeting date and time and send out invitations to NJ Deans and Directors

By 2017, a proposal will be developed for a nursing consortium for educating nursing students


WPU GOAL II. Achieve student success by increasing matriculation, retention, graduation

DON goals

Action plan



1.Enhance matriculation, retention and graduation

Review program admission requirements for BSN, MSN and DNP programs

Review advisement and academic standards data

Review exit and one year evaluation data

Raise generic baccalaureate GPA for admission for advanced standing students

Implement articulation agreements with community colleges

Provide for additional faculty as an advisor for increased MSN students

Provide for additional academic support for MSN and DNP students

Provost office support for articulation agreements

Provide for additional faculty lines to support expected numbers of associate degree students

Admission requirements will  assure retention and graduations of students

Each graduate student will have an advisor to facilitate course progression, retention and graduation

Re-establish articulation agreements with PCCC, BCC, ECC, and CCM and add WCC by 2017

2.Increase graduate student’s progression in the program

Develop several part-time course progressions to meet the needs of students

Increase number of course offerings during the summer session

Review the master’s thesis requirement

Provide for additional faculty as an advisor for MSN students

There will be an increase in student retention and timely graduation

3.Explore recruiting for international students

Follow up on two inquires for either student exchange or student admission

Support from international program at WPU

Consider partnerships with CODS to ensure command of English language and accent reduction if necessary.

A proposal to develop recruitment for international students to nursing will be developed by 2017


WPU GOAL III. Provide students with exception opportunities beyond the classroom

DON goals

Action plan



1.Increase number of clinical preceptors for graduate students

Review the clinical settings and clinical preceptors in the graduate programs

Provide for a full-time clinical coordinator to manage the increased number of students in clinical preceptors for the graduate program and UDC IV clinical course

Provide library access to encourage preceptor willingness

The number of clinical settings and preceptors will increase to accommodate the increase number of students

2.Explore opportunities for students in the BSN, MSN and DNP programs to experience international service learning

Explore international service learning for nursing students across programs

Develop and approve a proposal for credits and practice hours across the nursing programs

Develop an elective for participation in a nursing/medical mission

Develop a proposal for global graduate student clinical hours

Consult with other similar nursing programs and/or WPU programs with similar models in place

Funding for baccalaureate and graduate student and faculty travel

Students will have the opportunity to  experience an international service learning project/program

By 2017, a plan will be in place to implement student engagement in international nursing opportunities

3.Develop a stronger partnership with health care agencies where mutual goals can be achieved

Encourage faculty to participate on health care  agency committees

Establish additional DEU partnerships

Establish a UDC IV acute care immersion experience

Speak to health care agencies to seek participation from academic faculty

By 2017, three faculty will be a member of a nursing committee at a health care related agency

By 2017, an additional DEU and a UDC IV immersion experience will be in place


WPU GOAL IV. Enhance the sense of community throughout beyond the university

DON goals

Action plan



1.Increase student participation in nursing program committees and activities

Provide and support university activities during the day and evenings and weekends for nursing students

Develop a DON newsletter

Highlight student accomplishments in the newsletter and nursing homepage

Provide one annual event e.g. research day where students across the nursing programs can participate

2.Provide for a nursing student lounge

Explore room/space for students attending classes in the day, evenings and weekends

Speak to facilities

There will be a welcoming nursing student lounge in the new academic building

3.Improve University image and brand

Strategize for the development of a multidisciplinary academic community health center

Fund consultant and grant writer

There will be a plan in place to develop an academic community health center by 2017

4.Establish a nursing club on campus

Explore student interest and willingness to participate

Speak to student activities

There will be a student nursing club by 2017


WPU GOAL V. Establish the university as a model of outstanding affordable higher education

DON goals

Action plan



1.Develop a strong relationship with nursing alumni


Set up a meeting with the Alumni Association

Establish an annual nursing alumni homecoming event

Meeting with alumni association

One meeting a year will be held to discuss collaboration with nursing alumni by 2017

An annual nursing homecoming event will be established by 2017

2.Seek out philanthropy and scholarships from nursing alumni

Hold nursing alumni activities once year to network and share alumni, faculty and student accomplishments

Meeting with Alumni Association

One annual meeting with nursing alumni will be held

One  nursing scholarship will be established by 2017

3. Implement a smooth transition into the new academic health sciences building

Set up an ad-hoc committee to ensure that Departmental needs and concerns are addressed

Frequent and transparent communication with administration, facilities, and building team

DON will be located in a state-of-the-art health science building by 2017