Minor in Mathematics

The minor in mathematics is for those students who have an interest in mathematics but wish to pursue a degree in another field.  The intent of the minor is to give students an exposure to the basic disciplines of mathematics and an opportunity for further study in advanced topics in mathematics.

Requirements for a Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Mathematics                                                  18-21 Credits

Required Courses                                                          11 Credits

Math1600 – Calculus I                                                      4

Math1610 - Calculus II                                                      4

Math2020 – Linear Algebra                                              3

Electives                                                                          9-10 Credits

Three Additional mathematics courses from those listed under the mathematics major.  At least two of these courses must be at the 3000 level or higher.

Please note that no more than 9 minor credits can be simultaneously counted towards a major, i.e., at least 9 credits must be unique to the minor.