Teacher Certification K-12


The teacher certification major provides opportunities for students to become competent in teaching physical education at the elementary and secondary school levels. Students accepted into the teacher certification major must complete the required coursework and related field experiences. The professional education course sequence helps students understand how youth grow and develop, and provides them with the competency to teach physical education at all levels. The program also includes field experiences that enable students to apply their knowledge observing and teaching physical education in schools. Students seeking certification in both health and physical education are afforded this opportunity through interdisciplinary studies. Teacher certification students are eligible to take the PRAXIS (National Teaching Exam) in order to become certified to teach physical education (and health if the health sequence is completed) grades K-12.

Course Offerings and Requirements:

For a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, the student must have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average to be state certified, complete the major and certification courses with a 2.75 grade point average, and successfully pass the Student Teaching Internship (EDUC 415). Because of these state requirements, students need a 2.75 GPA to be accepted into the Teacher Certification Major.

Kinesiology Core: Credits
BIO 118 Basic Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 119 Basic Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PEAC 150 Introduction to the Profession of Movement Science 1
PEAC 230 Tests and Measurement 3
PEAC 254 History and Philosophy of Sport 3
PEAC 255 Special Physical Education 3
PEAC 330 Biomechanics 3
PEAC 350 Physiology of Exercise 3
PEAC 353 Psychology of Motor Learning 3
PEAC 450 Psycho-Social Dimensions of Sport 3
Professional Education Sequence Credits
PSY 210 Developmental Psychology 3
CIRL 335 Literacy, Technology, and Instruction 3
PETC 311 Movement Education 3
PETC 395 Curriculum & Teaching Elementary School PE 3
PETC 396 Curriculum & Teaching Secondary School PE 3
PETC 397 Practicum I: Elementary School Experience 1
PETC 398 Practicum II: Secondary School Experience 1
EDUC 415 Student Teaching Internship 12
Performance Skills Credits
Take all:
PETC 110 Teaching of Racquet Sports 1
PETC 111 Teaching of Team Sports 1
PETC 112 Teaching of Tumbling and Gymnastics 1
PETC 113 Teaching of Field Team Games 1
PETC 114 Teaching of Invasion Games 1
PETC 115 Teaching of Track and Field 1
PETC 116 Teaching of Conditioning and Swimming 1
PETC 117 Teaching of Dance in PE 1
Take 3 of the following:
PETC 210 Personal Development in Physical Education 1
PETC 211 Adventure Education 1
PETC 212 Social and Recreational Dance 1
PETC 213 Gymnastics Apparatus 1
PETC 214 Recreational Games 1
Health Endorsement Credits
PBHL 120 Current Health Issues 3
PBHL 215 Drugs and Health 3
PBHL 221 Nutrition 3
PBHL 390 Human Sexuality 3
PBHL 430 Professional Skills of Health Counseling 3
PBHL 452 Methods, Curriculum, and Theory in School Health Ed 3
Optional Course Offering Credits
PETC 330 Methods, Materials, and Evaluation of Driver Education 3