Sport Management

Program Overview

The B.A. in sport management is designed to offer relevant theory and practice that will prepare you to be a successful leader in today's sports industry. You will learn from faculty who have experience working in the sport business industry, and gain practical experience through an internship program in your senior year.  The program will give you the business and administrative skills needed by organizations involved with sports activities, products, and services.

Degree Requirements

A total of 120 credit hours with a grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation with a bachelor of arts degree in sport management. Students must complete three required courses offered by the Cotsakos College of Business that serve as the business foundation for the sport management major. Coursework is also completed in the Department of Kinesiology and the final semester is devoted to an internship experience.

Major classes: These courses focus on combining theoretical understanding with practical applications for various aspects of management in the sport business industry. The major classes consist of 17 classes (51credit hours) in Business, Kinesiology, and Sport Management. In order to enroll in the courses, the appropriate prerequisite courses must be completed from the Cotsakos College of Business and Department of Kinesiology.  Electives: Elective courses provide students the opportunity to explore other areas including Communications, Computer Sciences, Professional Sales, and Women and Gender Studies.

Internship Opportunities

Because the final semester is devoted to an internship experience, students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to the real world.  Internship settings have included collegiate athletic departments, intramural departments, sport and leisure industry, professional sports teams, state and city sports commissions, professional major/minor leagues, NCAA offices, national sports organizations, special organizations, stadium and arenas, event management, individual sports associations (e.g. PGA Tour), motor sports, and many more.


Kinesiology Core

KNES 1200 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
KNES 2540 History and Philosophy of Sport 3
KNES 3700 Psychology of Sport 3

Business Core

ACCT 2100 Financial Accounting 3
MGT 2000 Principles of Management 3
MKT 2110 Principles of Marketing 3

Sport Management Core

SPM 2000 Foundations of Sport Management 3
SPM 2500 Sport Event & Facility Management 3
SPM 2800 Sport Ethics and Law 3
SPM 3000 Sport Marketing 3
SPM 3400 Sport Economics, Leadership & Governance 3
SPM 3500 Finance and Business in Sport 3
SPM 4000 Global Sport Management 3
SPM 4500 Contemporary Issues in Sport 3
SPM 4600 Internship in Sport Management 3

2 Elective Courses

COMM 3400 Intercultural Communication 3
COMM 3600 Interpersonal Communication 3
CS 2010 Computer and Information Technology 3
EXSC 2100 Survey of Athletic Injuries 3
MKT 3320 E-Marketing 3
RPS 2050 Professional Selling 3
RPS 2100 Negotiations 3
KNES 3300 Biomechanics 3
KNES 2400 Impact of Sport in the Modern World 3
KNES 3400 Social History of Western Sport 3
WS 2070 Women, Sport and Culture 3

Sport Management Minor
Students must complete six required courses

ACCT 2110 Financial Accounting 3
MGT 2000 Principles of Management 3
SPM 2000 Foundations of Sport Management 3
SPM 2800 Sport Ethics and Law 3
SPM 2500 Sport Event and Facility Management 3
Select one course from Sport Management courses or
electives 3 (Business students must select one SPM course)

University Core Curriculum

The University Core Curriculum program offers the flexibility
to customize undergraduate experience by selecting from a
broad range of courses in different areas of study.