Graduate Program

M.S. in Exercise and Sport Studies

The Department of Kinesiology offers a 36 credit graduate degree leading to a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies with the choice of a general degree, or a concentration in either Exercise Physiology or Sport Pedagogy. Students will complete: (a) three required courses (Introduction to Research, Research Methods and Design, and Seminar in Exercise Science); (b) five courses in one of the concentrations and two free electives OR seven courses in the general area; and (c) a thesis or internship.

The following courses describe the program.

Core (required courses) Credits
EXSC 501 Introduction to Research 3
EXSC 502 Research Methods and Design 3
EXSC 503 Seminar in Exercise Science 3
Concentration in Exercise Physiology (required courses) Credits
EXSC 610 Advanced Physiological Principles of Performance 3
EXSC 611 Applied Nutrition, Exercise, and Performance 3
EXSC 612 Cardiovascular Physiology and Metabolic Diseases 3
EXSC 613 Neuromuscular Physiology 3
EXSC 614 Physical Activity and Aging 3
Concentration in Sport Pedagogy (required courses) Credits
EXSC 620 Curriculum Trends and Issues in Physical Education 3
EXSC 621 Constructivist Curriculum and Teaching in PE 3
EXSC 622 Supervision in Physical Education 3
EXSC 623 Research on Curriculum and Supervision in PE 3
EXSC 624 Human Motor Development 3
General and Free Electives Credits
EXSC 652 Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics 3
EXSC 653 Advanced Motor Behavior 3
EXSC 654 Psychology of Sport and Exercise 3
EXSC 660 Special Topics 3
Free Electives from another graduate program 3-6
Thesis/Non-Thesis Credits
EXSC 770 Non-Thesis 6
Practicum or Internship with comprehensive exam
EXSC 780 Thesis 6