Exercise Science

The purpose of the exercise science major is to prepare physical fitness specialists for employment in cardiac rehabilitation, corporate fitness, and health and fitness centers. Students are also able to develop consulting services as personal fitness trainers. In order to fulfill the requirements of the exercise science  major, students must complete the required coursework and a clinical internship experience. Internships provide the student with relevant experiences in fitness testing, exercise prescription, stress testing, EKG interpretation, nutrition analysis, stress management techniques, exercise leadership, and computer-based analyses. Upon completion of the curricular requirements, students are eligible to take certification exams given by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and other organizations that certify personal fitness trainers.

Prerequisites: Credits
BIO 118 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 119 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
CHEM 031/131 College Chemistry 4
PHYS 110 Introduction to Physics 4
Kinesiology Core Requirements Credits
PEAC 150 Introduction to the Profession of Movement Science 1
PEAC 254 History and Philosophy of Sport & Physical Activity 3
PEAC 255 Special Physical Education 3
PEAC 330 Biomechanics 3
PEAC 350 Physiology of Exercise  3
PEAC 353 Psychology of Motor Learning 3
Select one of the following: Credits
MATH 130 Elementary Statistics 3
PEAC 230 Tests and Measurement 3
CSH 250 Integrated Research Methods/Statistics I 3
CSH 350 Integrated Research Methods/Statistics II 3
Select one of the following: Credits
PEGE 330 Psychology of Sport 3
PEAC 450 Psycho-Social Dimensions of Sport 3
Exercise Science Core: Credits
EXSC 210 Survey of Athletic Injuries 3
EXSC 310 Essentials of Strength and Conditioning 3
EXSC 320 Graded Exercise Testing & Exercise Prescription 3
EXSC 330 Exercise Programs for Special Populations 3
EXSC 380 Health Promotion and Fitness Management 3
EXSC 390 Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Leadership 3
EXSC 480  Contemporary Issues in Exercise Science 3
EXSC 482 Advanced Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition 3
EXSC 490 Internship in Exercise Physiology 3
PEDA 462 Exercise Programs for Older Adults  3