Work Study Program

The Work Study Program, which is managed by the Financial Aid Office, is offered to eligible students in financial need. Work study is offered in various areas for the students, including athletic training through the Department of Athletics. For Work Study through the Department of Athletics, the Athletic Training Education Program faculty and staff nominate students in financial need for the Work Study Program, with priority based on students’ credit hour status at William Paterson University (i.e. seniors in financial need are nominated first, then juniors in financial need, and so on). The nominated students’ names are submitted to the Director of Athletics who then gives the nominees’ names to the Financial Aid Office. The nominated students then meet with Financial Aid Officers at William Paterson University and apply to the Work Study Program. After the paperwork is complete and turned in to the Financial Aid Office, the student is informed if they will receive work study financial aid. For additional information on Work Study through the Department of Athletics, please see Alison Moquin, M.S., ATC, Head Athletic Trainer. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information on Work Study in other areas.