Retention and Graduation Requirements

Academic Retention

In order to be admitted to the Athletic Training Education Program Professional Preparation Phase, students must have a 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA) (see section on admission standards).  Prior to entering ATEP 3750 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III, and to continue in the Professional Preparation Phase, students must have a 2.75 overall GPA. If the student falls below the required GPA, he/she may be placed on probation for one semester.  At the end of the probationary semester the student's progress will be reviewed by the ATEP Admission and Retention Committee. If the student is meeting academic program requirements at that time (including GPA requirements per semester in the program), then he/she will be reinstated to the ATEP Professional Preparation Phase. If the student has not met academic program requirements at that time, then the student will be dismissed from the ATEP.

Students who do not pass prerequisite Athletic Training Program courses are dismissed from the Professional Preparation Phase. They may not take any further courses in the Professional Preparation Phase until the prerequisites are passed and reacceptance to the  Professional Preparation Phase has occurred. Students who are dismissed may reapply to the Professional Preparation Phase in the subsequent fall semester.  Once reaccepted, the student is able to continue in the Professional Preparation Phase from the point of dismissal.  Students must see the Program Director for detailed information on resuming the academic coursework.

Effective Fall 2015, all new students (first-year and transfer) in the ATEP program will need to meet the following requirement:

To enter into or be retained in  the Athletic Training Professional Preparation Phase of the Athletic Training major students must earn grades of C or greater in in BIO 1180, BIO 1190 and ATEP alpha courses.  Students who earn 4 or more grades of C or below in those courses will be dismissed from the major, additionally, students who earn 2 or more grades below C- in  these courses will be dismissed from the major.                                 

Students who started at WPU prior to fall 2015 (including transfer students) will not be held accountable to these new requirements. University practice states that students are held accountable to the policies and standards that are in place at the time they first begin at the university, and any changes to those policies and standards that take place during a student’s time at the university will not be applied retroactively.

Current students should be aware that the new requirements were put in place after reviewing student performance on the BOC exam. Students who do not perform at the minimum level of these new requirements are less likely to be able to pass the BOC exam; therefore, current students should strive to meet the new requirements. Failure to meet these new requirements is an indicator that a student is likely to encounter significant difficulty in passing the BOC exam. Consequently, such students are advised to consider alternate educational programs.

Clinical Education Experiences
Students will be assessed on their completion of their clinical education experience requirements each semester within their Clinical Experience in Athletic Training courses. The requirements for successful progression are outlined in the section describing the clinical education experiences. Students not meeting the minimum standards for successful progression in the program will be penalized as per the policies noted in this handbook (see “Disciplinary Policies”).

Graduation is contingent upon the following:
-the student has successfully completed the university requirements
-the student has successfully completed all major coursework requirements
-the student has successfully completed all Athletic Training Education Program academic and clinical education experience requirements
-the student has earned a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 when he/she has completed all academic coursework
-the student has successfully completed a minimum of 1000 hours and maximum of 1500 hours of approved athletic training clinical education experience

BOC Exam Endorsement
A student’s BOC exam endorsement by the Program Director is contingent upon completion of all ATEP requirements (see “Graduation” above).

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal
Students requesting a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the Professional Preparation Phase must make their request in writing to the Program Director. The student should meet with the Program Director and Head Athletic Trainer to explore the student’s options and discuss plans for the student’s return to the program.

Student Grievance Procedure
In regard to student grievances, the Athletic Training Education Program abides by the “Procedures for Investigating Complaints About Grades or Student Academic Performance”, which is located in the WPUNJ Undergraduate Catalog. Therefore, if a student has a grievance, he/she must abide by these procedures.

Curriculum changes
Please be advised that changes in the curriculum and/or clinical education experience requirements may be made at any time during the students' course of study. Such changes would be designed to enhance the learning experiences for all students, and students would be required to abide by such changes at the time they are implemented.  The students will be informed of any curriculum changes in a timely manner.

Fall 2016