Course Descriptions

The following table lists all currently approved courses in this department.

Complete course descriptions, including student learning outcomes & objectives, etc. are available in MS Word format by clicking on the course name in the description column.


Course # Description
0700 Soil and Water Analysis
1100 Environmental Foundations
1150 General Geology
2160 Introduction to Oceanography
2200 Earth Through Time
2500 Meteorology
3010 Field Experience
3050 Mineralogy and Petrology
3160 Global Climate Change
3200 Introduction to Geochemistry
3270 Geomorphology
3400 Environmental Law
3750 Soils in the Environment
3800 Junior Seminar
3890 Environmental Factors in Land Use
3990 Special Topics
4230 Pollution, Hazards, Impact and Risk
4500 Environmental Computer Applications
4700 Hydrology and the Environment
4800 Senior Practicum/Senior Seminar
4990 Independent Study
5830 Biogeochemical Cycles