BA/MS Program

The BA/MS program is offered through the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at William Paterson University.  This program allows students to pursue both undergraduate and graduate study in speech-language pathology. In addition to 33 required undergraduate credits, twelve graduate credits are taken in the senior year.  These credits will be applied to the required credits for graduation, and the requirements for the graduate degree will be reduced by the same number (from 54 to 42 credits).   A B.A. in Communication Disorders will be awarded after completion of 120 credits. 


CODS 2620    Introduction to Communication Disorders (3 credits)

CODS 2640    Phonetics (3 credits)

CODS 3610    Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Swallowing Mechanism (3 credits)

CODS 3660    Introduction to Language Disorders (3 credits)

CODS 3720    The Nature and Development of Language (3 credits)

CODS 3730    The Science and Measurement of Hearing (4 credits)

CODS 4030    Articulation and Phonological Disorders (3 credits)

CODS 4620    Auditory Rehabilitation (3 credits)

CODS 4650    Clinical Methods (2 credits)

CODS 4660    Observation Lab (1 credit)

CODS 4750    Senior Seminar (3 credits)

CODS 4800    Introductory Clinical Practicum (2 credits)


CSH 1300       Integrated Research Methods and Statistics I (3 credits)

CSH 2300   Integrated Research Methods and Statistics I I (3 credits)

ANTH 2400  Intro to Linguistic Anthropology (3 credits)

PSY 2100       Developmental Psychology (3 credits)

PSY 3750   Cognitive Psychology (3 credits)

PHYS 1900      Acoustics and Sound (4 credits)

FREE ELECTIVE (3 credits)

GRADUATE COURSES (12 credits taken in the senior year)

CODS 5500 Diagnostic Methods Communication Disorders (3 credits)

CODS 6420 Speech Science (3 credits)

CODS 6210 Language Acquisition (3 credits)

CODS 6300 Lang. Disorders in Children: Birth to Five (3 credits)