Freshmen and transfer students who meet University admission require­ments may be admitted provisionally to the BA/MS program in Communication Disorders.  However, all students are required to submit a formal application to the department after accumulating 45 total credits and 12 credits within the department. The formal application weighs grade point average (GPA) and letters of recommendation from faculty within the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences.

Admission into the BA/MS combined program in Communication Disorders is academically competitive. Students who possess the highest GPAs and best letters of recommendation have the best chances of acceptance. The department deadline to apply to the BA/MS combined program in Communication Disorders for current WPU undergraduates and transfer students is December 1st.

To be eligible to formally apply to the BA/MS combined program in Communication Disorders, a student must meet the following criteria:

1) overall minimum GPA of 3.5 at WPU and any other college.

2) minimum 45 college credits (minimum of 12 from WPU)

3) following prerequisite courses need to be completed or in progress of being completed:

-CODS 2620: Introduction to Communication Disorders

-CODS 2640: Phonetics

-CODS 3610: Anatomy/Physiology of Speech and Swallowing

-CODS 3720: Nature and Development of Language

Declaration of the communication disorders major is not the same as formal acceptance into the BA/MS combined program. In addition, it should be noted that meeting the above criteria does not guarantee entry into the BA/MS combined program. Students may apply to the program only once.