Dr. Gurdial M. Sharma

Professor, Biochemistry
S525A, Science Building
Email: sharmag@wpunj.edu

Phone: (973)-720-2796

Dr. Gurdial Mal Sharma obtained his Ph. D. in chemistry from Punjab university, India in 1960. he started his academic career in USA in 1965 as a research scientist at Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University. He stayed with Columbia till 1976. During these 11 years Sharma directed research on natural products of marine organisms, Nutrient cycles in the marine environment, and D/H ratio in the cellulose of tree rings as an indicator of paleoclimate.

From 1976-80, Dr. Sharma was head of the Chemical and Biological Oceanography Department of the New York Ocean Science Laboratory, Long Island, Montauk, NY. At The Ocean Science laboratory, Sharma was Principal Investigator of projects on PCB levels of fish in long Islander water, Biologically Active Molecules of Marine Organisms, Development of Highly Sensitive and Rapid Techniques for the Direct Determination of Trace elements in Ocean Waters and Ecology of the Peconic Bay, Long Island, NY.

In 1980, Sharma was appointed as an Associate Professor of Chemistry at William Paterson College ( now University) in Wayne, New Jersey. He was promoted to the rank of Full Professor in 1988. At William Paterson University, he has been working on projects related to vitamin B 12-binding proteins and other biologically active molecules of marine organisms

Dr. Sharma has published and presented papers in the area of Organic Chemistry, biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Chemical/Biological Oceanography. From 1965 to1998, his research projects were supported by grants from NIH, NSF, National Sea Grant Agency and private foundations.

Representative Publications

1. Spanos, S, Sahni, M. K. Wahrman, M. Z, and Sharma G. M. Marine corrinoid binding proteins for the direct determination of Vitamin B 12by Radioassays. Analytical Biochemistry 289, 68-76 (2001).

2. Mukesh K. Sahni, Miryam Z. Waherman, Vladimir Belenky and Gurdial M. Sharma. New developments in Marine Biotechnology, 42-47 (1998)

3. Sharma, G. M and Sahni, M. K., Marine Proteins in Clinical Chemistry. Marine Biotechnology, Vol. 1: Pharmaceutical and Bioactive Natural Products, David H. Attaway and Oskar R. Zaborsky, eds. Plenum Press, N. Y., 153-180 (1993).

4. Merijanian, A., Sharma, G. M., Mushati J. and Gunderson, K. Steric Effects of orthoSubstituents on Acid-Catalyzed Cyclization of Thiocyanatoacetophenones. J. Org. Chem. 51, 542-54 (1986)

5. Sharma, G. M , Shigeura, H.T and Liou Linda Y. X., Vitamin B 12 –binding Proteins of the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus Polyphemus. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 128, 241-248 (1985)