Advisory Board for the Science and Mathematics

The Advisory Board was established in Spring 2000 to assist the College of Science and Health to achieve its mission and to serve as a volunteer group of professionals who advise the Dean on various aspects of education as viewed from the external community. It consists of eminent professionals from business, industry, and alumni constituencies who generously give of their time and expertise to enhance the excellence of the educational programs at our College. The College's department chairpersons and faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry/Physics, Environmental Science, and Mathematics meet with the Board. The specific purposes of the Advisory Board are to provide us with the following input:

  • overall guidance in enhancing our programs
  • creating a network of professional contacts
  • preparation of our graduates for the workforce
  • critical skills that would make our graduates more marketable
  • current and future trends in the field of science
  • job prospects and the job market for science graduates
  • internship and placement opportunities for our students and graduates
  • commentary on employed WPUNJ graduates
  • availability of their technical employees to serve as guest faculty
  • opportunities for faculty to collaborate with external groups on short term projects

The Advisory Board meets twice a year to discuss particular agenda items. The current membership of the Board is:


Dr. Carol Anderson Educational Testing Service, Test Developer,
Professor of Chemistry (PT), Villanova University
Mr. Erwin Bieber Vice President of Engineering,BAE Systems, CNI Division
Dr. John DeLuca VP for Research, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
Dr. Michael Jurek Sun Chemical Corp
Dr. Stevan Feldman Manager of Strategic Planning, ITT Audionics
Mr. John Longo EHS Manager, DIAGEO
Mr. Steven Neil Levine Executive V.P. (temporary)
Dr. Yvonne Lue Director of Microbiology & Virology (retired),
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
Mr. Joseph Rubino C/O Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
Gary Swangin Director & Astronomer, Panther Planetarium
Dr. Mitchell Price Educational Testing Service, Assessment Specialist I
Suzanne Sherman, M.D. Cytec Industries
Mr. Joseph J. Troyanovich Senior Scientist, Schering-Plough Research Inst.
 William Paterson University Members
Dr. Sandra DeYoung Dean, College of Science and Health
Dr. Jean Fuller-Stanley Associate Dean, College of Science and Health
Dr. Lance Risley Chairperson, Department of Biology
Dr. Bhanu Chauhan Chairperson, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Donna Cedio-Fengya Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Richard Pardi Chairperson, Department of Environmental Science
Dr. Song Chung Chairperson, Department of Physics
Dr. Karen Swanson Professor, Department of Environmental Science
Dr. Stephen Vail Professor, Department of Biology
Dr. Madeleine Rosar Chairperson, Department of Mathematics
Revised 4/12/10