Major/Minor Courses


Core Curriculum (12 credits required)
WGS 2100 Introduction to Women's &
Gender Studies
WGS/POL 2720 Politics And Sex
WGS 3100 Contemporary Feminist Issues
WGS 4100 Capstone Course In Women's Studies
Electives*(21 credits required)

WGS 1100

Women's Changing Roles

WGS/AWS 1500 Racism & Sexism in U.S.
WGS 1800 Gendered Lives & Societies
WGS/LAS/URB 2020 Latinas & Latinos in the United States
WGS 2070 Women, Sport, and Culture
WGS 2080 Female Icons in Contemporary US Culture
WGS 2100 Introduction to Women's & 
Gender Studies
WGS/ENG 2170 Images of Women in Modern Literature
WGS 2180 Life Passages: The Female Experience
WGS 2250 Race, Gender & Social Justice
WGS 2500 Racism and Sexism in Global Perspective
WGS/PHIL 2690 Philosophy of Sex and Love
WGS/POL 2720 Politics and Sex
WGS 3010 Feminist Methodologies
WGS 3070 Sex Equity in Education
WGS 3080 Human Trafficking
WGS/PBHL 3140 Reproductive Rights
WGS/HIST 3160 American Women's History
WGS 3200 Women of Color in the U.S.
WGS/PHIL 3240 Philosophy & Feminism
WGS/SPAN 3250 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Women Writers
WGS/ASN/JPAN 3260 Women in Modern Japanese Literature
WGS 3280 Goddess Mythology
WGS/POL 3290 Women and the Law

WGS 3330

Activism and Social Justice

WGS/ANTH 3350 /LAS 3360

Latina Testimonios: Ethnogophios, Memoirs and Poetry
WGS 3400 Media Representation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender
WGS/SPAN 3420 Women's Changing Roles in Latin American Spanish Literature
WGS 3440 Men & Masculinity
WGS/SOC 3470 Sociology of Women
WGS 3480 Ecofeminism
WGS 3500 Lesbian Issues
WGS/HIST 3560 Women & Gender in Modern South Asia
WGS 3580 Asian American Women: Gender Transformations
WGS/ASN/HIST 3590 Women in Islam
WGS 3600 Gender and Globalization
WGS/POL 3606 Women and Political Leadership
WGS/HIST/ASN 3680 Women and the War
WGS/POL 3700 Contemporary Feminist Theory: Post World  War II
WGS/POL 3730 Politics of Sexual Violence
WGS/ASN 3750 /ENG 3760 Life & Writings of Indigenous Women
WGS 3820 Gender and Global Migration
WGS/URB 3980 Women in the City
WGS 3990 Selected Topics in Women's & Gender             Studies
WGS 4100 Women's Studies Capstone
WGS 4200 Global Perspectives on Women's Lives
WGS 4650 Internship in Women's & Gender Studies

WGS 4990

Independent Study
AWS 1550 Justice & Racism
AWS 2550 Black Women's Experience
AWS 2620 Caribbean Women
ENG 2190 Nineteenth-Century Women's Voices
HIST 2250 History of Latinos/Latinas
HIST 2510 Modern Women and Gender
HIST 3160 American Women's History
HIST 3460 Modern European Women's History
HIST 3520 Medieval and Early Modern Women's History
HIST 4700 Women and Revolution in China

PSY 2100

Women's Health

PSY 3110

Psychology of Women



WGS 2100 Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
WGS 3100 Contemporary Feminist Issues
WGS/POL 2720 Politics and Sex

Electives (9 credits required)

*Select five courses from the major electives list.