What Our Sociology Graduate Students Are Saying

"I've just started in the applied sociology program here at WPU and already I know I'm going to have a great learning experience. The classes may be tough, but the staff and my classmates are all so helpful and have a way of making everything a little less stressful and instead easier to handle." ~Alissa Andre

"This is a tight-knit graduate program with quality professors who are easy to communicate with and who help their students succeed. That, and the easy-going and friendly attitude of fellow students made my transition into the program fulfilling, while allowing me to form new friendships." ~ Yolanda Baptiste

I chose to attend William Paterson for its applied sociology program because of the practical skill set that I will be able to utilize in the workplace. The program also provides the research knowledge i need to pursue my career goals." ~ Robert Bell

"I have found the transition into William Paterson’s graduate program to be painless and interesting. I enjoy the other students in the program and the professors I have had so far seem to be very passionate about what they do. I am excited to continue my education here." ~Lauren Cottings

"I feel that William Paterson University is a very good school, and the M.A. Applied Sociology program is great. The faculty is very helpful in and out the classroom, and the current students are a great motivation and are willing to help each other. My experiences with the Sociology Department here are priceless. I was never much into my education until I transferred into WPU from Delaware State University and fell in love with education which has led me to continue my education here at the graduate level." ~ William Daves

"I feel that William Paterson University’s graduate sociology program will give me the tools I need to accomplish the things I want in my career interest. The Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation Research Skills within that program opens many opportunities for a career in research." ~ Oswald David

"After 11 years of post-undergraduate studies, I have decided to return to college for my Master's degree.  The faculty at WPU have assisted me in this transition. as well as challenged me to research above and beyond the required curriculum.  The Graduate Director, Dr. Vincent Parrillo, is very accessible and generous in his efforts and time spent with students.  Furthermore, I have met and exchanged ideas with some wonderful classmates.” ~ Renee Salage Durkin

"The advisor and professors are excellent! Professors are helpful and understanding of the fact that most of us work full time." ~ Eve Estrict

"The faculty's highest priority is a student's success and mastery of the course material. This sense of commitment to student success is the main reason why I have sought my Master's in Applied Sociology." ~John Gizzarelli

"Being a part of the accelerated 5-year program (BA/MA) has been a wonderful opportunity. The opportunity to start graduate courses while completing my BA will allow me to continue my education with great ease. I am not sure I would have been able to pursue a graduate degree any other way.  All of the professors have been beyond helpful and I look forward to learning more from them throughout my coursework.  ~ Kathryn Greene

"The fact that this program offers business-geared courses is a great opportunity for those who either do not wish to pursue and MBA or those who wish to pursue sociology in a different capacity." ~ Sheri Israel-Duarte

"The sociology graduate program here at William Paterson University is awesome! I'm having a wonderful learning experience and i have tremendous and equal appreciation for all of my professors, and all of my classmates as well." ~ Joel Keys

“I enrolled in this program because it has a stronger research design than most other graduate programs in sociology.  As a market researcher, I am always looking to enhance my knowledge of how people think individually as well as in groups.  I am hoping these courses help me to excell in extracting information from research experiments that I can apply in my field of work.” ~ Kerry-Ellen Neal

"WPU's graduate classes are intense, yet extremely informative and personal.  The professors are clearly experts in their fields and will go out of their way to help strengthen their students' skills.  What I like about WPU professors is that their doors are always open and you always feel welcome." ~ Meredith Peters

"The Applied Sociology is a great master's program that I believe can help you achieve many different career goals, and it can definitely help you to learn more about the society that we live in.  The professors are clearly passionate about the things that they teach.  I am enjoyinging learning more about people and about the different ways to do research and analyze information." ~ Diana Sensale

"Very impressed with GIS course. It is very much time-consuming and addictive, but on the other hand, it trains your brain in so many ways. It makes you more creative, enhances your design skills and builds your confidence in decision-making. you can basically translate any given information of interest into a map. How cool is that!" ~ Salome Sigua

"The Applied Sociology graduate program is most appealing because it allows me to have the flexibility to pursue my goals both professionally and personally.  I will be able to build on the skills I currently have and utilize them in either the corporate setting or the private sector.  This program has endless possibilities for me and for my future!"  ~ Kara Simpson

"I enjoy working closely with the faculty in the Applied Sociology program. They are always available when you need them, and they ensure that your goals and needs are met!"
~ Todd Squitieri

“I was a little bit nervous about going back to school but my classmates made me feel so comfortable and that helped to reassure me that I could do it. Balancing a full time job and school at the same time has been a challenge but it is nice to know that my classmates are in the same boat with me. The program itself is interesting and I’m just finishing up my first class. I’m glad I chose Applied Sociology as my major.” ~ Christina Vella