Department of Sociology

Jacob Felson


Office:   Raubinger 461
Phone:   (973)720-3429
Office Hours:   Summer: 6/30, 7/14, 7/28, 8/11, 8/25 from 12-2:30 p.m.

Department: Sociology
Position: Associate Professor, Assistant Chairperson

Jacob Felson received his doctorate in sociology from Penn State University in December 2009. He received a master's in sociology from Penn State in 2004, and a bachelor's degree, also in sociology, from the University of Chicago in 2002.

Prof. Felson's work has focused on issues related to the debate about nature versus nurture.  For example, Prof. Felson published a paper in the past year which explores the extent to which sexual orientation is simply a product of biological predispositions, or whether social forces, such as religious background, also play a role ("The Effect of Religious Background on Sexual Orientation").  

Prof. Felson has also written a book with Edwin Mellen Press, entitled What Can We Learn from Twin Studies? A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Equal Environments Assumption

In his spare time, Prof. Felson blogs occasionally about NYC architecture and real estate at the website

The link to Prof. Felson's class is