Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

Beginning in Fall 2015 the Department of Psychology will offer a doctoral (PsyD) program in clinical psychology.  This program will be based on the Practitioner–Scholar Model. The PsyD degree includes both training and course work in clinical practice and research based on the premise that clinical practice and research can help inform and strengthen each other. Because the PsyD is a more practice-oriented degree, we place an emphasis on the development of the knowledge, skills, and competencies that psychologists use in clinical practice. Our doctoral program is built on a foundation of over a decade of graduating Master’s-level students, many of whom are now active clinicians, teachers, supervisors and doctoral students.

Graduates of the doctoral program can pursue clinical and research positions in the public and private sectors. Students who want to become a psychologist must successfully complete Doctoral-level training; pass a national examination, and fulfill all state licensing requirements (e.g., the required number of state-mandated supervised hours).

For more information please see the Graduate Studies website.