Research Labs

Anxiety and Aging Lab, Science East 2022A (Dr. Mohlman)

Audiovisual Perception Laboratory, Science East 2018 (Dr. Gordon)

Collaborative Memory Lab, Science East 2020 (Dr. Ekeocha)

Cognition, Memory, and Development Lab, Science East 2019  (Dr. Learmonth)

Cross-cultural Research Team, Science East 2011K  (Dr. Ma)

Human Learning Laboratory  (Dr. Montare)

Neuropsychology, Clinical, and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Science East 2015  (Dr. Diamond)

Numerical Cognition and Inference Lab, Science East 2044  (Dr. Obrecht)

Pediatric Research Lab, Science East 2011F (Dr. Cramer-Berness)

Social Cognition and Perception Lab (SCOPE), Science East 2013 (Dr. Haines)

Social Perception and Decision Making Lab (Dr. Rim)


Information about more faculty labs will be forthcoming.  Log into Sona Systems to participate in a research study.  For information about using Sona Systems see the departmental guide or this video tutorial.  To learn how to use a reseacher account, see this tutorial