Department of Psychology

Dr. Pei-Wen Winnie Ma

Office:   Science East 2058; Cross-Cultural Research Team, Science 2011K
Phone:   973-720-3403
Office Hours:   MW 12:30-1:30pm & R 2:00pm-3:30pm

Department: Psychology
Position: Associate Professor
Area Specialization: Career and mental health issues affecting ethnic minority groups and Asian immigrant children, youth and families.

    Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Columbia University
    M.A.  Human Development, University of Maryland, College Park
    B.A.  Psychology, University of Washington

Licensed Psychologist in New York State

Research Projects:

  1. Asian American Career and Family Study
  2. Ethnic Minority and First-Generation College Student: Social support and Mental Health
  3. Parenting and Satellite Babies project  

Clinical Experience (Selected):

  • Psychologist (part-time)
    Hamilton-Madison House, Department of Psychological Services, New York, NY
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship
    New York University, Counseling and Behavioral Health, New York, NY
  •  Predoctoral Psychology Internship
    Gouverneur Healthcare Services, Department of Behavioral Health, New York, NY

Beth Israel Medical Center, Multicultural Child and Adolescent Outpatient Unit, New York, NY

Fordham University, Counseling and Psychological Services, Lincoln Center, New York, NY

Bellevue Hospital, Adult Psychiatric Unit, New York, NY


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Conference Presentations (selected):

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