* Legal Studies requirements


36 credits

Note: Legal Studies is a separate interdisciplinary major housed within the Political Science Dept.

  1. Core Courses(18 credits; 6 courses. Must take all 6 courses):
    • Research Methods (POL 2020)
    • The American Judicial System (POL 2260)
    • Constitutional Law: Judicial Process (POL 3240)
    • Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties (POL 3250)
    • Philosophy of Law (PHIL 3330)
    • Senior Seminar (POL 4800) [See note on Seminars below]
  2. Legal Studies Distribution Courses(9 credits; 3 courses, one chosen from each section):
    • Section I: Theory
      • Ancient & Medieval Political Theory (POL 2110)
      • Modern Political Theory (POL 2120)
      • American Political Theory (POL 3110)
    • Section II: International Legal Process
      • International Law (POL 3400)
      • Comparative Rights (POL 3020)
      • Conflict Resolution and the Law (POL 3010)
    • Section III: Contemporary Legal Issues
      • African-American Politics (POL 2280)
      • Politics of the Environment (POL 3550)
      • Politics of Sexual Violence (POL 3730)
      • Administrative Law (POL 3850)
  3. Legal Studies Electives (9 credits; 3 courses from the following electives):
Business Law I: Contracts (LAW 2510) Labor Relations & Law (SOC 3230)
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (SOC 3360) Legal Environ. of Business (LAW 2010)
Critical Writing I (ENG 3300) Law in Society & Culture (ANTH 3410)
Critical Writing II (ENG 3330) Logic (PHIL 2100)
Environmental Law (ENV 3400) Psychology of Law (PSY 2750)
Ethics (PHIL 2000) Sociology of Law (SOC 3350)
Women & Law in the U.S. (WGS 3290)

Directed elective: All students at the university are required to take 2 courses in UCC Area 3c, Social and Behavioral Sciences. Legal Studies majors must take POL 1200, American Government, as one of these two courses. The other can be in any social science discipline (except Political Science). This course should be taken before taking any Legal Studies courses.

Seminar, POL 4800: Seminar topics for two semesters in advance are posted online on the Political Science Dept. website, http://www.wpunj.edu/cohss/departments/pol_sci/seminars.dot. Some seminars will be labeled "(applicable for Legal Studies majors)." If a seminar is not so labeled, students may consult with the Legal Studies program director to discuss the possibility of choosing a paper topic in that seminar that would be relevant to Legal Studies.

Course sequencing

  1. Take UCC Area 3c course POL 1200
  2. Take core courses POL 2260 and POL 2020 and a Legal Studies Distribution Course from the theory section (POL 2110, POL 2120, or POL 3110)
  3. Optional: take 1-2 2000-level Legal Studies electives
  4. Take core courses POL 3240, POL 3250, and PHIL 3330 and a Legal Studies Distribution Course from each of the International Legal Process section and the Contemporary Legal Issues section, plus additional Legal Studies electives
  5. Take POL 4800


Click here for the Legal Studies B.A., Finish-in-Four Curriculum Sheet.

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18 credits; 6 courses (3 core courses and 3 elective courses)

Core Courses (9 credits; 3 courses)

  • American Government (POL 1200)
  • American Judicial System (POL 2260)
  • Either Con Law: Judicial Proc. (POL 3240) or Con Law: Civil Liberties (POL 3250)

Electives (9 credits)

  • Any other three courses listed under the major (under Core Courses, Legal Studies Distribution Courses, or Legal Studies Electives)

For information on the Political Science major and minor, go here.

A downloadable Legal Studies curriculum guide is available here.